Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reality scares me.

Reality let me more and more clear-headed, and know more about myself. Had my monthly test few weeks ago and I got the suckest result ever. I know I'm the laziest among my friends, I'm lazy to study, lazy to revision, lazy to do my homework ,lazy to do everything that I bloody unlike. I choose the wrong way, and now I'm blaming myself, blame about laziness ,blame about myself can't hold a constant interest in anything always work in fits and starts(go  fishing for 3days and then dry the net for 2days - proverb in Chinese). When see someone passed with flying colours, they make me felt distressing. Of course, I kept the real me under the mask, feel nothing to everyone forced myself to smile. Everyday wearing a mask. I'm not as skilled as others... I have had enough myself. The more I thought of it, the sadder I felt. So fed up...

I knew, no one could help me and I'm the only person to help myself. And the worst thing is I can't understood what teachers are teaching, and can't catch up the syllabus too.I hold back my tears when I'm tuition account I had no idea what teacher is teaching. I'm totally failed ! Perhaps I'm not suitable to study it's not better than expected. I'm so suffering... So I'm decided to do something for my Pra-university life. I'm not a unhappy person I'm just tired of the same routine and people and the bullshit they bring. Wish me good luck.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hey guys ! Whew, today end my monthly test. Hah..... don't have any burdens now. Very tension when the exam is around the corner or having exam. And October is going to have a final exam, so damn scared :C

Hehe, today my mum made some mooncakes. Mooncake got various type of flavour :- 
red bean, coffee, green tea, cappuccino, and many many more. 
So here is the process how to made/bake a mooncake :D  

Check it out 

This is the one of the flavour, all the nuts. This is my favourite 



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Sunday, July 31, 2011

School trip - Malacca

Yup! Today went to Malacca with Economy club's members. I do really felt tolerably well and extremely worn-out today but I'm fine :D When on the way to Malacca, we went to Bee Museum and Mini Malaysia. The weather make me sweat a lot, and I love it :) 

Lets see the photos (Part 1) :

I like the sunlight !  ♥ 

Okay, this is the Bee Museum. 
Every time go whatever trip always come this place=.=
Went here before. Inside got various type of bees specimen and honey too.
You can buy honey or whatever things that is made from honey.  

Classmates photo :D

So funny when taking this photo. 
You know what ? At first only got a couple of people took the photo, that's me and the girl (left- Lii ying). After that more and more people came to took. When I saw the photo I really got shock suddenly pop-out so many peoples. Haha

The shoes ♥  colorful ~

Okay, next station - Mini Malaysia

Suzzane , Paries and Noelle

Haha, just simply take it for fun. Got feel leh :D

But this........epic failed :(

Like this pic so much  


Apparently this is an ancient time stage  

 The white donkey  

 This donkey really 难搞,its don't want to took photo with us and just ate the hay.
We tried to get its attention but its still didn't turn a hair and continued eating.

Thank heaven and finally Whew !  
Its just looked up for few sec then still continued eating =.= 
Anyway we got a final pic with its :D

 The brown horse 

This staircase made from tree trunk so special 

Hahah, 3 silly girls. Look like Japanese ghost LMAO

 The shiny sunlight 

 The red flowers 

3  different state of rumah papan  (wooden houses) :

Photo Part 2 :
Reached Malacca at noon and we need to gather at 6 o'clock. The road were full of cars and tourists. And of course pedicabs ! Decor with various type of flowers. I didn't took picture of it :( So in this journey only Suzzane and me, we didn't followed with the big gangs. It is because walk in 2 persons is better than a big gangs, we like to go where then go where, more freedom. 

So the first station was, we decided to ate our lunch. Owing to we were hungry ! HAHA.
Therefore, Suzzane phoned her sister and asked where go yummp food to eat :D We found the famous chicken rice shop. After have our lunch we shop at the shop that beside of the street. Each one of us bought a bracelet while shopping. The buildings there are so Nyonya ,very ancient 

After that we went to St.Paul. A building at the top of the mountain. The breeze brushed our cheek, very refreshing :) 

The fountain 

The red church 

Don't know what type of flowers is this, but look similar with lavender 

The famous chicken rice shop,  need to queue up because there were so many costumers. We just waited for 5mins like that then our turn to order the food before we go inside.
And we saw some ang moh eating chicken rice too :)

Just waited for few sec then the food were arrived !

Fried cabbage 

The round rice 

 And the chicken meats with cucumber 
Okay the taste of the meat was so springy ! One word : Delicious  

 The statue of  elephant 

 Flower again 

 Idk why she show me this face, very 欠打 ! Felt like punching her, hahah.

 The durian cendol ! 
Saw that ? don't miss ! 

 After open the case it look like this.

Stir it and it look like this. Seriously it look like shit but the taste was not like shit okay=.=
People who don't favour durian they'll dislike this. Just like normal cendol got red beans , jelly, and the green color that one. And it got durian smell. 

The luckiest day we had ! We met a Singapore's artist while eating our dessert.
He is quite man, tough and handsome ! HAHAHAHA 

St. Paul

The sights from the mountain 


using paramora function.

The next station : Dataran Pahlawan ( Heroes' Square ) A shopping centre. We stopped there until 6 o'clock and met up with the big gangs.At first, we decided to do a hair wash when we searched for the hair shop , we search another thing-Padini shop. Suzanne and me bought a pair of shoes together, cause it got 50% discount and crazy lot peoples inside. Really worth it :D

While waiting the time passed, in front of the Heroes' Square got a ginormous field. We sat at there and started to play a game - Devil and Angle. Don't know how to explain, hahaha :D Cause need to see a demo then only you can understood it. We played one hour at there, running, chasing and running. It's really fun, and all of us do really enjoyed while playing this game. After this, the trip was going to end. We need to gather and wait the bus come. Exhausted trip ever :)

The end 

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