Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chu's house BBQ

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Saturday :D

Whole day dint back home, after tuition then straight go Paries's house with Rayne.
Of course go there bath lah, woah she is living in the mountain really.
Need to 'climb' many slope there. OMG, for the novice driver of course fear lah :X
But I dint show out ,haha I don't want to terrify Rayne. Alright, everything is fine :)

Oh yeah, yesterday went to Suzzane's house BBQ just for fun. Hiehie~
Although there is not much friends but we're very enjoy :D 
And that bacon roll are really really tasty, yum yum~ Plus yesterday raining,
BBQ when raining is really syok :P

Coincidentally, I found a new way to grill the cuttlefish.
String all the cuttlefish together and put it on the BBQ stove.
And then put some cheese above + tom yam sauce. 
Hmmm... I like to try special things.

Photos of yesterday

Here is the bacon roll ! Delicious !!

 Rayne and me in Paries's house.

 Carmen, Paries & Rayne.

 Yummy !

 Here the cuttlefish.

 My cuttlefish.

 回头一望. Haha.

 Saw that ?! I'm the tallest one !

 Onichiwa with the girls.

 The Shorty Carmen.

 Actual height of Carmen XD

 Chun fei.

 Made by Paries and Rayne. The failure one.

The host.

Crazy BBQ party.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Wednesday :D

Ahh, Long time dint blog already got many need to blog. Haha.
This Friday need to go Suzzane's house BBQ ~ Yeah, chicken wings ~ chicken wings !!
And this week is so many lecture for form 5 students in my school. 

 Took it today.


Today got Utar college lecturer came to my school. She is a funny lecturer at least not boring as other lah. And the information she give is so detail. I'm going to choose Art & Social Science Programmes. So I'm interested in Advertising , Broadcasting and Public Relations :) And my friend too. Hmm, dunno which is suitable for me still need to think over. Give me some times :)

Oh yeah, I got my new handphone from my sister the model is Samsung 5630. So nice to use eh ,camera is great I love it ! Thanks my beloved sister ! And she bought somethings back from SG too.
Da-Dah : SNACKS !!


This few weeks got some programs de:) My add-maths teacher invite us eat at KFC for .... for nothing but she quite generous. Almost ate RM100+ at there one bucket of KFC. After that we started to be crazy there to capture photos. A lot people watching us loh, so funny. So I just shortcut my post lah :P

The day of photos. (KFC)

Yo. Capture by me :)

Group photo.

I know I'm so huge in this photo,haha.

I love this so so much :D
Green color shirt is my AM teacher.

End with this.

City Park
Last Saturday went to City Park with Sistas because got some program there (Mooncake festival). We just contact each other on Facebook then drove car out :P And this is the first time I out at night loh. Quite happy de ma :DD We go there just took photos only loh. Many family and couples went there too. That is so warm ;) 
And got something funny happened XD I cant say here later will get murder, hahaha.

Got feel ler ~ Capture by me by Paries's camera .

This nice :)

Capture for fun :P

Ok =.= I know my head is BIG 

Paries and me.


Fui jia

Jin Min

For fun.

 So nice this !

Yeah. 4 beauty ,haha (joking lah)

Phew~ The End.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fook's Party

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday ;D

Mmm... Result in trial exam is quite bad. Really no eyes to see. :(
Friends all around me have their good result but they still saying their result are suck.
Haha, this time suck still got one more exam to put effort on it.
Quite moody today, haiz ... Who know ? haha

Actually this post should post at last Saturday but less photos are here.
So I postpone to this week to collect more photos on that day =)


Group photo. Just classmates.

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