Thursday, September 9, 2010

My daily life.

Hello. Hola. wish you all have a happy Friday :D

This few weeks had happened many things in my class about the gradute trip :(
This make me felt tired, absoulutely tired... I'm sure this not only my feeling and also all form 5 class too.
But rainbow always appear after rain. Everthing were fine now :D

Because of this incident, I have learnt and realize some things. Humans are evil(some lah ok) and hard to understand.Usually they do not try to understand each others. They do not try to change another point of view to think.Some times they will not stand in someone's position to conceive. They just think what they think.
Don't be too overbearing and simple thoughts. Some people look like nothing feel like easygoing but frequently they hide their true features inside and then set you up!! Hard to imagine right ? Feel scary :(
But luckly I not yet meet this type of friend and I hope I wont meet him/her, better stay away from me :P

They don't tell their mind just keep inside. If got anything then just say out don't keep inside, who know what you're thinking, right ? If not we will guess each others. It hard for me to guess maybe I don't like this :P
Yeah! And some people like to speak ill of others at the back. Talk bad about people. Like to tell tales.
Sign. When we entered the community we will meet this type of person. Is the time to learn :)

Today I found 1 good news for me :DD
So lets talk about it. My teacher told me that Kuala Lumpur got 1 Korean Course.
Usually all course need to pay the fees right ? And almost RM1000+, but this no need to pay.
It is totally FREE ! To know more information please log on to this website. 
I'm just share more good things to you guys. Sharing is caring always :) Ermmm.... I decided to take this course next year :P It is free , why not ? Wornt it ! Plus I am interested in Korean too. Hiehie~

Thanks for viewing ~ CauCau~

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