Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chu's house BBQ

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Saturday :D

Whole day dint back home, after tuition then straight go Paries's house with Rayne.
Of course go there bath lah, woah she is living in the mountain really.
Need to 'climb' many slope there. OMG, for the novice driver of course fear lah :X
But I dint show out ,haha I don't want to terrify Rayne. Alright, everything is fine :)

Oh yeah, yesterday went to Suzzane's house BBQ just for fun. Hiehie~
Although there is not much friends but we're very enjoy :D 
And that bacon roll are really really tasty, yum yum~ Plus yesterday raining,
BBQ when raining is really syok :P

Coincidentally, I found a new way to grill the cuttlefish.
String all the cuttlefish together and put it on the BBQ stove.
And then put some cheese above + tom yam sauce. 
Hmmm... I like to try special things.

Photos of yesterday

Here is the bacon roll ! Delicious !!

 Rayne and me in Paries's house.

 Carmen, Paries & Rayne.

 Yummy !

 Here the cuttlefish.

 My cuttlefish.

 回头一望. Haha.

 Saw that ?! I'm the tallest one !

 Onichiwa with the girls.

 The Shorty Carmen.

 Actual height of Carmen XD

 Chun fei.

 Made by Paries and Rayne. The failure one.

The host.

Crazy BBQ party.
Thanks For viewing~ CauCau~

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