Monday, September 13, 2010

I think I'm crazy

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Monday ;D

Oh my Godz ,I think I'm in love with this Korea drama already >.<
Actually I don't like to watch drama cause very waste time to watch plus when you watch a drama you will put in your emotion when watching. Haha, that feeling hard to explain XD
One night I was boring, then go pps search drama watch then I clicked Korea and Japan drama first sight then saw - ''我的女友是九尾狐'' My girlfriend is a GuMiHu.Eh look like not bad wor then clicked and watched , after watched EH !! Really not bad wor, I like to watch all those fantasy things=) Really nice to watch eh, you guys can go try ;D And the actress is so cute + natural. 
Check it out !!

Theme song.

This nice !!

And I 'm very Gan jiong now lor !! PPS just only got 10 parts only !!
Plus the the end is very chi gik ah !! I can't wait it man !! See that why I hate to watch drama need to chase chase chase till the end >.< Okla since nothing to do let me to introduce the actors inside this drama lah , haha !

This movie is about a women sleeping for 500 years, Jiuwei Hu (申敏儿饰) accidentally came out from the seal and human men (李胜基饰) occurrence of cohabitation and the comic story. The classical color Jiuwei Hu modern way of re-interpretation of the image with the existing Jiuwei Hu totally different, "Jiuwei Hu," This corner is the largest series of Aspect.
I do ..I do.. and I love it, It's funny, quirky, awesome and there are naughty humors, lol. Two leads are great, as well as other characters =)

车大雄 - 李胜基 look alike like 张智成.
九尾狐 - 申敏儿  She is the nine-tails fox in this drama.
Plus is a very adorable fox.

(Forgot what he called d XD) - 诺珉宇 He is a veterinary in this drama.
Look very mystery + he look like a doll lor!
Everything is too perfect but I don't like him lol.

Want to know more ? lol , go try and watch =D 
5 di release chapter 11 lah ~~~~~
 p/s - feel like advertising this drama

Thanks for viewing ~ CauCau~

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