Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ours Big Day.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Just a blink of eyes 5 years already passed, ''time doesn't keep people''. Finally I'm graduated, no doubt I will felt sad too. I'm sad because I'm going to leave my best friends, the happy moment together with them. And leave my beloved people too :( Hahaha. So how ? Still need to face all the facts lah, can't escape it. 

Actually I'm not happy when I was form 4. You all can't feel my feeling in that time. All my friends separate with me. Really leave me alone, that time I really-badly-extremely SAD! Of course I never show it out, cause I know I can't escape it.What can I do? This is my only way to go. Month by month I try to adapt it. Don't have any people will understand/feel the same feeling with me! NEVER! Don't tell me that you know my feeling, you will never know it ! That feeling still inside my mind, when I think it back. 

Fucking pain... 

Just like living in the hell. No close friend in that class, every reset time I will go and find my friend. Lucky got her that I wont feel lonely anymore. But when reset time already over I still need to go back my class and sit alone with a unknown classmate. I hate it ! 

Ahh.... too sad.... and bad things will gone just like rainbow always apppear after the rain. And now I got my friends. I'm not lonely anymore. Friends are important in our daily life ! Without friends we live in solitude. Colorless's live. So I'm going to say Good-bye to loneliness! I got back my happiness!

So all this is my feeling :D Doesn't means anything.
Just to share all my graduate's photos here. Cause photo say everything !

 Yeah !This is my class ! 5D

 My family !

And all below is my friends !

 My friends.

 Juan shen.

 Black ghost - showing our muscle! haha

 Take for fun :P

 My friends.

 Primary school friend- Fui yin

 2 cuties.

Yong xuan & Shu mui. 

With Dancers

 Ah mok.

 Yuk jie.

 Get ours sijil !

Cawangan's friend. Met him when we're form 1.


 Ming yip

 Hui teng.

 Tze Kang

 Ah wah

 Rong Qi, she is cute !

 K-ying. He is so weird !

 Wen xin.

Ah joe.

 This is the thin one - Kok juin

 This is the annoying one-Paries. Everytime argue with me.

 Yo, my primary school friends until now !

 My best sista ever - Yee wan

Charley and Yen xiao !

 The xxx one :D

 Siew boon- she is cute but really fierce oh.

I love them so much, especially the middle one. 
Very excited when saw him. haha

 Can't imagine, how dare he is. And he got wear bra ! 
His body shape so nice just like a girl body.

 Oklah, I'm happy lah that day only loh,ok !

With Super-Harmoni.

I got too many photos to share, but I can't share all :P That day I took photos took untill fainted ! 
So many people that I want took photo with them. Smile until numb when facing the camera ! But it is worth !

 Camera can capture the happy moment and it is everlasting. 

But it was like a dream, photo of us never had a distance.

I love you,
My Friends.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make up.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

I wish I could have a double eyelids, hohoho. I got a inner eyelids but it is not very obvious x.x so look like single, but of course is better then single eyelid. Hahaha.

Other than that, defining factors for eyes is : Your double eyelid. You thought double eyelid were just only double eyelids ? Got two types of eyelids one is tapered and another is parallel. So what are the different between tapered and parallel eyelid ?

Here we go :

See the different ? The inner corner there, one is more obvious and the distance between the eye-lashes is higher. If put make up on the parallel one will be more nicer than the tapered one :D

Many Japanese's girls have parallel eyelid because it look nice when make up :P  Make up nowadays are very magical, a single eyelid lady can turn into double eyelid with the double eyelid sticker or double eyelid fiber(like tape)!

I prefer to use double eyelid fiber because it is more natural and when u look down or close your eyes it wont show any obvious tape on it. Is better than sticker.

So this is my original eyelid :P I know so fugly right ? hiehie.
Look like single eyelid, WTFx =.=

And this hmmm... look better than the original one. So charming hor XD
So bad I don't have a pair of enlarge contact lens if not it will more big.

I seldom use double eyelid sticker or fiber because I want to present a naturally eyelid, or sometimes i used it, maybe it's not waterproof one so it will stick out crazy. So very cacat ... Next time should buy the waterproof one.

Every single eyelid lady who will always desire to get a pair of big-charming eyes with double eyelid. But nowadays many girls with big eyes look pretty if you know how to make up your big-charming-sexy eyes wisely.

Everyone knew that Japansene's make up skill are very powerful with those fake eye-lashes or extensions (upper and bottom) and for sure they comfirm will wear a pair of color contact lenses. To have a larger-innocent-vulnerable-attractive eyes.

But nowadays many girls will do this also :D Just want to be more pretty and pretty, who don't ?

I'm wonder the one thing why babies have a huge irises ? They always look cute right ? But when we grow up our irises not like last time with huge irises. So thats means as we grow, every single thing on us grows, except two : EYEBALLS.

So we got new thing from Korean/Japanese, which make our irises bigger and with different color. And now enlarge/color contact lenses are be in great demand, everywhere(web) are selling contact lenses from Korean/Japanese. With varies type of color: red, pink, purple, brown, blue, green, grey and etc. And with 15mm, 16mm, 16.5mm diameter to have a bigger irises.

Japanese's make up - with innocent eyes and lips in soft pink.

We Asians eyes with deep brown color or black don't look like the 'ang mo' with blue or grey irises. So it is doesn't matter if your iris is small or not the color that you want. Because once you wear the color+enlarge contact lens it wil be your Dream Iris ! So cool right ! And also can helps you vision.

Lets make up and make your life more beautiful !
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dim sum !!

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Friday :D

Hi  there :D Today I went to have my breakfast at Ming kok with my mummy in the early morning. When we reached there, the parking lot there almost full = =''' Early in the morning already so many people. Luckily we are fast :P Last time want to eat but no place to park car so went to eat Korean cuisin again :D

So here the food pictures (at Ming kok)  :

 Some 'xiu mai' , tofu roll (inside got meat), andwarf melon (purple color one).

Hahaa, this is 'cha xiu bao' - barbecued pork bun.

 Fried dumpling.

Fried prawn roll.

This one at Loong sheng :
Dim sum at here are better than Ming kok. And serve are good also.

 Inside got some vege and meat.

 Material : steam prawn. I love this much !!

Fry New Year cake (炒年糕) almost same like 'chao kui tiao'.

 This is so tasty !! Xiao loong bao. When u bite it the soup inside will flow out. Really nice.

Fried taro. Oh this one delicious too.

If compare like this Loong sheng's dim sum are more tasty than Ming kok. Cannot fight ah ! haha. Loong sheng at Nilai there. All function or wedding are held at there.At most are weddings lah.

After that we went to Tesco to buy some food :D

Yo!! Barbie doll's clothes !! Long time no play already. Miss it T_T

On the way home, we went to temple - 四师爷(name of the temple)

 I don't know how to translate this to English :X

Open it then light up one by one.

 And then stick all the things inside(except the papers) the bowl (something like that) ,middle that one. 
Gold color.

 Then light up the papers.

 And put it inside.

 Divinationing :D

 View at there. Great !

Way back to home :D See the cloud on the sky, so nice.
That's all :D

The next post : My Eyelid

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And Happy Deepavali :D