Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Trip.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Yo, quite a long time dint blog new post already. Busy recently and I'm just back from class trip. Totally tired. 5nights 4 days trip, not sleeping well there. And my face pop out so many pimples wei. Today just do a short update lazy to blog more wei ~ lol. 

Haiz when the trip was ended everyone are so sad.... Miss the old time that we're together... Really miss it loh~ I miss him so much loh XD Haiz got no chance to see all friends liao. All will be busy next year. I'm so sad that I dint say out,  have no chance to say liao T_T Ahhh.... Regret....

I'm regret..... ......

I'm so sad..... ......

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday :D

Form 5 students must be happy today loh because SPM is end. Unfortunately, some students who got take Economy like me still need to wait till next monday only can say finally is end. When log in facebook, saw everyone is so happy and post their statue, enjoy their screaming and laughing there. Finally can relief. And what about us ? Nothing can do, very helpless. lol. As I say rainbow always appear after rain. Ok, forget it. Just left one subject only. Time will pass don't think too much, haha.

Okok, forget it. Oh yeah ! I finally watch my favourite cartoon movie : Tangled. So so so nice man, I love cartoon so much. This movie are so humour + touching also. Must watch de lah ! Walt disney cartoon always the best one. Mad love ~.~ Really nice lah this cartoon, seriously I'm a cartoon freak. It is worht to watch it! I watch any cartoon, from Japan or Australia and etc. Some cartoon are so fantasy like all those about magic's cartoon. If you like to watch cartoon also please recomend me some interesting/meaningful cartoon too :)

Here we go:

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Always cant get the right nose.

Maximus and Flynn's Funny face, when they drop from hill.

And this is Pascal, the chameloen. Rapunzel's one true friend.
It is very cute

You must very enjoy when watching this cartoon. :D
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry that I loved you.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Sunday.

Woah is midnight now, but I'm still in front the screen. Hohoho. Actually today I'm quite tired spend my whole morning at the jabatan there for apply passport. I want to go somewhere silently maybe tomorrow? Haha, joking lah. This passport make me twists and turn, drove me crazy man! Ok past past past already past then don't think too much. Think some happy things (for me) holidays is getting closer so we have much time to have a vacation. Woohoo~ Set me free please! 

Brother go to Genting tonight with his friends, so nice. Long time dint go Genting already. Like the weather there but also bring alot trouble to me. My nose is so so so sensitive. If you're same room with me, you'll got the free music. That music is : Ha chiu ! Haaaaaaaaaaa CHIU ~! After that my nose will became red. If you knew me, I always got the tissue in my pocket every time and every where. Tissue will not leave my nose if I'm catch cold.

Actually I want to share this video :
So nice ah, gotta feel~

Nice song, nice lyrics, and handsome singer named Anthony Neely. This is his first album : Lesson one. He is from 超级星光大道(million star) at Taiwan. Will get addicted after you listen. Desolate voice with straightfoward lyrics. Sing of love, repentance and the cruel choices behind the love.... So touching.... If you got the 轰轰烈烈的爱情(greatest love) and broke up with your Bf/Gf and listen this song you'll will cry badly.

''An apology now after all of this time
Won't make any difference tonight
But I'm hoping "im sorry" will open your mind
To love love love love in your life''

Good night !
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All in Pink

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday :D

Saw this somewhere, and just want to share it out.
Cause they are so nice ( I means the shoes ).

Pink is no longer a dream :)Can also be neat to wear very personal with a trace cute, sexy woman.And gives off a unique flavor appealing.So which do you like?

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoyable day.

Hello. Hola wish you all have a Happy Tuesday :D

Yo, just post a short post :D
Today my friends went to my house for do account revision, so good right. 

We use almost 4 hours to revison! 
Not bad loh, at least we got study. And the Ms Charley put aeroplane again = = okay~ never mind. Hohoho~ After that, we went to a walk. Quite happy :D shioknya~

Photo say everything, check it out !
Revision !

 Chu and Serng ge

 Boon and chu.

 Ehh...unknown dog from unknown house. It look cute.

 Short and tall.

 2 siao kia, hohoh. (right Kelly~) hohoh

 Look at the camera lengleng! Don't look at me!

 Weird face >>

 So nice this, Lengleng sit there and take with them :D

 They thought here a beach, want to show their joyful face but failed !

 Yo. Showing my muscle ! waakaka

Took by chu.

 Friend+ classmate :D

 Do re mi fa~

 so rude>>>

 Climb down, wohoho.

 Leng leng, she was tired.

Take 2

Do you mind I end with this photo ?

Ahaha ! You have no choice ! So you must see !
Okla after saw the picture don't vomit your lungs out :P

Just for fun okay = = I dint meant it.

 They call this as 'pet pet hair' lol. Paiseh xD

Opps! Have you vomit you lungs out? lol
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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hello. Hola. wish you all have a Happy Saturday :D

Woah, almost one month dint touch my blog already, dead dead blog. Recently was busy about SPM, so have no time to blog lah plus I got nothing to blog also, haha ~ Now everyone is busying to do their revision. 2 more weeks to go then my SPM is end !! Still left 3 subject YEAH :D ! 

This gorvement exam make us very tension. Need to do revision until midnight if dint you might not get answer when exam. So what can do ? Just do revision and revision. Of course I dint do revision until midnight cause I scare I can't wake up in the next day. And I tried when next day is Additinal math papers I do revision till 1.00am plus I'm going to wake up at 5.30am = = just sleep few hours. But I woke up at 6.49am really scare me that time, cause I need to fetch my friend to school at 6.55am. I just got few minutes to wash my face and blah blah blah.

So the conclusion is SPM make students get crazy and tension !!

Then I can leave my secondary school, will be busy after December. Cause I'm going to National Service in January. Almost my classmate kena in group 1 and some of them are same place with me! And I'm not lonely.

Very excited + nervous + anxious.

Hope everything will be fine in there, just 3 month only (hynotizing myself) T_T  Another thing that I'm excited is after SPM I'm going to travel with my classmate :D Wooohoo! 5days 4nights. I can fly after SPM ~ Weee~ without any stress liao. I hope I can live a better life in next 2011 year !

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ours Big Day.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Just a blink of eyes 5 years already passed, ''time doesn't keep people''. Finally I'm graduated, no doubt I will felt sad too. I'm sad because I'm going to leave my best friends, the happy moment together with them. And leave my beloved people too :( Hahaha. So how ? Still need to face all the facts lah, can't escape it. 

Actually I'm not happy when I was form 4. You all can't feel my feeling in that time. All my friends separate with me. Really leave me alone, that time I really-badly-extremely SAD! Of course I never show it out, cause I know I can't escape it.What can I do? This is my only way to go. Month by month I try to adapt it. Don't have any people will understand/feel the same feeling with me! NEVER! Don't tell me that you know my feeling, you will never know it ! That feeling still inside my mind, when I think it back. 

Fucking pain... 

Just like living in the hell. No close friend in that class, every reset time I will go and find my friend. Lucky got her that I wont feel lonely anymore. But when reset time already over I still need to go back my class and sit alone with a unknown classmate. I hate it ! 

Ahh.... too sad.... and bad things will gone just like rainbow always apppear after the rain. And now I got my friends. I'm not lonely anymore. Friends are important in our daily life ! Without friends we live in solitude. Colorless's live. So I'm going to say Good-bye to loneliness! I got back my happiness!

So all this is my feeling :D Doesn't means anything.
Just to share all my graduate's photos here. Cause photo say everything !

 Yeah !This is my class ! 5D

 My family !

And all below is my friends !

 My friends.

 Juan shen.

 Black ghost - showing our muscle! haha

 Take for fun :P

 My friends.

 Primary school friend- Fui yin

 2 cuties.

Yong xuan & Shu mui. 

With Dancers

 Ah mok.

 Yuk jie.

 Get ours sijil !

Cawangan's friend. Met him when we're form 1.


 Ming yip

 Hui teng.

 Tze Kang

 Ah wah

 Rong Qi, she is cute !

 K-ying. He is so weird !

 Wen xin.

Ah joe.

 This is the thin one - Kok juin

 This is the annoying one-Paries. Everytime argue with me.

 Yo, my primary school friends until now !

 My best sista ever - Yee wan

Charley and Yen xiao !

 The xxx one :D

 Siew boon- she is cute but really fierce oh.

I love them so much, especially the middle one. 
Very excited when saw him. haha

 Can't imagine, how dare he is. And he got wear bra ! 
His body shape so nice just like a girl body.

 Oklah, I'm happy lah that day only loh,ok !

With Super-Harmoni.

I got too many photos to share, but I can't share all :P That day I took photos took untill fainted ! 
So many people that I want took photo with them. Smile until numb when facing the camera ! But it is worth !

 Camera can capture the happy moment and it is everlasting. 

But it was like a dream, photo of us never had a distance.

I love you,
My Friends.

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~