Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About fashion.

Hello. Hola Wish you all have a happy Tuesday :D

Today lets talk about fashion, this is my first fashion post :D So I just wanna share my favorite outfit lah :P A girl's closet wouldn't be complete without a cute skirt, be it ruffled, pleated or A-line type. However, some girls are having problem on how to wear a skirt, having doubts on what top or shoes would look good with a floral skirt. You can match whatever it make it look nice. But don't mess it will look terrible :X

Usually floral skirt will match with plain top and stylist heels or sandal. Moreover you can match it with plain legging too. When you wear floral skirt make sure you tuck in your top it will be nicer :D It is so easy to match and look more casual. Also wear floral skirt will make you look fresh and girly.

Unfortunaly I don't have any floral skirt yet :( so bad. I want to own one :P I love this look. I always wear a short + singlet then go out + flat shoes. I don't dare to wear heels :X I have one but just 1cm something it is short. If got chance I will try to wear heels, more height ~.~ So will you feel when you wearing heels you will look more feminine or look good or sexy~? YES, definitely !!

Vintage look :
Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B II

Top - Vanessa Bruno Bretelle Top
Skirt - Dusty Vintage Floral Skirt
Heels - L.A.M.B. Mitaka Heel - Grey

Vanessa Hudgens's floral skirt:

Look casual with a pair of sandal too. More teenager feel, so nice *thumbs up*
Ehh.. sandal not shown in the figure so you imagine yourself lah XD

-Millie Aviator Sunglasses at Free People
-Open Slub Cardigan at Target
- Bold Floral Woven Skirt at Forever 21
-Inari Fringe Shoulder Bag at Forever 21
-Filigree Trim Pendant Necklace at Forever 21
-Cross Back Slingback Sanda

Other than that, this with floral top. There is another way to wear.
This Feminine abit, but really pretty. So women ~
Top - Longline Floral Pintuck Bralet
Skirt - High Waisted Pelmet Skirt
Heels - Pink court shoes

In the market have many types of floral skirts. Different prints and different patterns. 
So what you waitting for ?! Hurry and go own yourself a  FLORAL  SKIRT !!
I hope I will have one soon or more :DDD
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeese!

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Sunday :D

Yeah ! Yesterday I said that I wanna go try that Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza right ? And see exactly how cheesy it is. So today I have it as my dinner :P Woah it is grossly delicious, more cheeses than the original one :D Just now went to Parkson for dinner but the PizzaHut there were many peoples, almost got 10 tables there are not yet get serve. Some are served but still don't have Pizza yet :( Don't know what they're busying.

So, we leave there and go another shopping centre where near my house. That is The Store before is Pacific. Suprisingly the parking lot there are full of car, usually there are not much people going there. At last I knew why many people went there already, because The Store got promotions 80% leh. No wonder so many people go lah! Mostly all malay or indian lah.

Ok continue back to my topic :D This is it !!

 Pizza Hut ~~~

Power of cheese !!

 Appetizer - Salad.

 Mushroom soup + bread.

 Free pizza. Hawaii tuna.

Cheesy Pepperoni.

 Will you feel hungry ? Saliva flowing O.O

 Me with a slice of peperoni pizza :)

 Da Daah ! Finished. within 15mins then finished all :DD

 My mummy short hair :D Nice right.

Well, actually I want to share you a great news :D

So here the chance for you to win a RM2,000 cash prize.Hurry and join the Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza Contest.

Just write a creative and interesting blog post on ''Why you love Pizza Hut's 6 Cheese Extreme Pizza''.
Your blog post can be based either on a dine-in or take-away. For more information please log in to this website.

End with this :D

I'm crazy about cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese !!
I'm crazy about cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese !!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yum yum !

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Saturday :D

Hmmm... Recently don't have anything to blog. Nothing much happen in this few weeks. So don't have special mood to blog XD Well well well, yesterday just went to swam ^^ quite long time din't swim already, almost got few years din't swim leh ._. Don't have any photos cause we all are extremely-awfully-really ugly after wore that swimming cap and look like nun !! lol Especially me because mine head is the biggest one!! Haha. Anywhere I accept the true :P

When you know how to swim that was really good, but if you don't know you will feel bad as me =.= I know a little bit only lah not very well but so suck, haha. So I think I will go take a swimming course with Suzzane. I swim hardly but feel like I din't move at all still at the original place WTFFF Others already at half way but me still at there, allah very bad lah :(

Yo, I found something so nice to eat !! I can't wait for it loh absolutely ! Full of cheeeeeese, oh my godz !! I must go try. I like cheese and cheeeese like me !! wahahahaha :D And this is it !!! Check it out !

 Oh I can wait for it, cheeese crust !!

With 6 kinds of cheese, cool.
Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Romano.

So wanna try it ? Go ahead ahahaha, Paries belanja me eat lah :P I treat you so well. Comon babe! I still have 3 coupons from NIE project ^^ Personal pizza. I'm crazy about cheeeese loh ~ ah~~~~~~ My saliva is flowing out from my ''cherry-mouth'' XD just joking lah. Oh yeah, can you feel the cheese when u chewing it ~.~ ''doi doi doi'' sound in your mouth :D haha.

There are 30days away from the SPM, 1 month. Every one is K-ing their books to get good result and I'm still blogging in front of the computer :) Wanna go study later. Still got 2 months then I will be graduate from my secondary school, wohoo~ There are many things waiting me to do. My life will be more brilliant !! Ahaha, hope so :D

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unlucky day.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Thursday :D

Haha. Continued my previous post topic. This happened on Monday. Okay, I skipped school on that day :P  And followed my mum go market(pasar) have our breakfast - Chicken rice !
After that I persuade my mum change another hair style because it was too aunty =.= should be more trendy. Okloh then we go~ haha~ easy chop de maa! 

Reached there! Ok, sit down then my mum was choosing her new hair style look. After that the barber began to cut. Of course I'm sitting aside and wait her. A girl worker was sitting with me and she was playing her laptop and I'm playing my handphone's game, everything was totally fine as normal :D

All of us were busy with our stuff. Dang dang dang dang !! Climax was coming !!Suddenly the girl who sit beside me noticed that something burnt. Then she spoke out loud :" The fuse was BURNING!!" [The fuse is at outside] The barber quickly go and took the fire extinguisher to put off the fire. But he was finding the fire extinguisher(= =), and the fire was fierce. Fortunately the fire was put off...Phew~

I know is hard to imagine. So I draw a sketch to let you imagine easily :P
So here the sketch.

I never thought before ! Never thought before ! Never thought before will happened this incident.
Don't know why the fuse will burnt one. *Confuse* Haha, but luckily no people was hurt :) Only horrify. Because of the fire my mum hair need to cut it next day it because the fuse was burnt so need to switch off all the electric.

Okloh, then we back home. Way to home, there were some policemen block and check. Well, something bad happened again (= =) *OMG* My mum forgot to set her belt !! [careless mum] What an unlucky day we have ever = = Need to pay fine, we dint rasuah him lah of course haha. But he dint ask also, lucky lucky :P So this were our unlucky day. Haha.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Monday :D


Unlucky Day.


To be continue....

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hey Hey!!

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Saturday :D

This afternoon I have my Korean meal as my brunch :)
We ate at Era Walk(Seremban). The shop is beside the New Town is easy to find.
We use 2 hours to finished all the food :P  Cause it is too many. This is the branch shop and the head shop at Tunku Jaafar. Was opened by the Korean.The food are delicious and the shopkeeper friendly too. It is not expansive. So I just share my photos out lah, lazy to write more.

All these are appetizer.

Kim chi soup.

 Mixed veges and mushroom with dunno what noodles.

 Beef ! YumYum!!



 And me !

Name of the restaurant. Here the imformation if you are interested.

Sil Ro Am Korea Restaurant.
Tel: 06-6777516
No.47, 1st floor,T.T.J. S\B Taman T.T.J Sungai Gadut,
71450 Seremban N.S.D.K.

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My daily life

Hello. Hola. wish you all have a happy Friday :D

This few weeks had happened many things in my class about the gradute trip :(
This make me felt tired, absoulutely tired... I'm sure this not only my feeling and also all form 5 class too.
But rainbow always appear after rain. Everthing were fine now :D

Because of this incident, I have learnt and realize some things. Humans are evil(some lah ok) and hard to understand.Usually they do not try to understand each others. They do not try to change another point of view to think.Some times they will not stand in someone's position to conceive. They just think what they think.
Don't be too overbearing and simple thoughts. Some people look like nothing feel like easygoing but frequently they hide their true features inside and then set you up!! Hard to imagine right ? Feel scary :(
But luckly I not yet meet this type of friend and I hope I wont meet him/her, better stay away from me :P

They don't tell their mind just keep inside. If got anything then just say out don't keep inside, who know what you're thinking, right ? If not we will guess each others. It hard for me to guess maybe I don't like this :P
Yeah! And some people like to speak ill of others at the back. Talk bad about people. Like to tell tales.
Sign. When we entered the community we will meet this type of person. Is the time to learn :)

Today I found 1 good news for me :DD
So lets talk about it. My teacher told me that Kuala Lumpur got 1 Korean Course.
Usually all course need to pay the fees right ? And almost RM1000+, but this no need to pay.
It is totally FREE ! To know more information please log on to this website.
I'm just share more good things to you guys. Sharing is caring always :) Ermmm.... I decided to take this course next year :P It is free , why not ? Wornt it ! Plus I am interested in Korean too. Hiehie~

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Home made !

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Friday :D

Okay. Skipped school today for no reason :) I always did this. hahaha
Actually went to school got nothing to do also. Sit there and chat with friends. Boring really.
And lazy to do revision also ,so sleep at home and do something meaningful bette.
Eh ... seriously nothing meaningful to do :X

Oh yeah , this morning I was awakened from sleep. And it was my aunt came.
So I dint bother it and continue to sleep :D
After slept few hours I can't sleep again because it was too noisy :P
So woke up to bath and prepare to go tuition.

Way to bath room saw my aunt and mum are baking cake. Woah !
That is cheese cake ! My favorite cheese cake , OMG I want to finish all.
Recently I liked to bake cake ,last time I helped my aunt to bake biscuit.
And it is tasty also although the outward appearance are not ncie :P

Photo time :)
Da Dah !! Here the cheese cake ;)

 Side view.

 Up view.

After apply the blueberry. 

 Look tasty right ? Yea it is so nice !

 Emmm...this 1 is cheese stick (biscuit)

 See this is my naughty Leng.
She called Lengleng. Q~

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