Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yum yum !

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Saturday :D

Hmmm... Recently don't have anything to blog. Nothing much happen in this few weeks. So don't have special mood to blog XD Well well well, yesterday just went to swam ^^ quite long time din't swim already, almost got few years din't swim leh ._. Don't have any photos cause we all are extremely-awfully-really ugly after wore that swimming cap and look like nun !! lol Especially me because mine head is the biggest one!! Haha. Anywhere I accept the true :P

When you know how to swim that was really good, but if you don't know you will feel bad as me =.= I know a little bit only lah not very well but so suck, haha. So I think I will go take a swimming course with Suzzane. I swim hardly but feel like I din't move at all still at the original place WTFFF Others already at half way but me still at there, allah very bad lah :(

Yo, I found something so nice to eat !! I can't wait for it loh absolutely ! Full of cheeeeeese, oh my godz !! I must go try. I like cheese and cheeeese like me !! wahahahaha :D And this is it !!! Check it out !

 Oh I can wait for it, cheeese crust !!

With 6 kinds of cheese, cool.
Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Romano.

So wanna try it ? Go ahead ahahaha, Paries belanja me eat lah :P I treat you so well. Comon babe! I still have 3 coupons from NIE project ^^ Personal pizza. I'm crazy about cheeeese loh ~ ah~~~~~~ My saliva is flowing out from my ''cherry-mouth'' XD just joking lah. Oh yeah, can you feel the cheese when u chewing it ~.~ ''doi doi doi'' sound in your mouth :D haha.

There are 30days away from the SPM, 1 month. Every one is K-ing their books to get good result and I'm still blogging in front of the computer :) Wanna go study later. Still got 2 months then I will be graduate from my secondary school, wohoo~ There are many things waiting me to do. My life will be more brilliant !! Ahaha, hope so :D

Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~

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