Friday, October 1, 2010

Home made !

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Friday :D

Okay. Skipped school today for no reason :) I always did this. hahaha
Actually went to school got nothing to do also. Sit there and chat with friends. Boring really.
And lazy to do revision also ,so sleep at home and do something meaningful bette.
Eh ... seriously nothing meaningful to do :X

Oh yeah , this morning I was awakened from sleep. And it was my aunt came.
So I dint bother it and continue to sleep :D
After slept few hours I can't sleep again because it was too noisy :P
So woke up to bath and prepare to go tuition.

Way to bath room saw my aunt and mum are baking cake. Woah !
That is cheese cake ! My favorite cheese cake , OMG I want to finish all.
Recently I liked to bake cake ,last time I helped my aunt to bake biscuit.
And it is tasty also although the outward appearance are not ncie :P

Photo time :)
Da Dah !! Here the cheese cake ;)

 Side view.

 Up view.

After apply the blueberry. 

 Look tasty right ? Yea it is so nice !

 Emmm...this 1 is cheese stick (biscuit)

 See this is my naughty Leng.
She called Lengleng. Q~

Thanks for viewing ~ CauCau ~

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