Friday, April 29, 2011

I screwed myself.

Behind the mask..

Okay, today I'm so emo. I dunno why I always kick my own ass. Always asking for trouble. Im enough for myself ,fed up. Really want learn how to reject people now. Seriously Im so fear to reject people because I feel guilty/bad after I rejected someone. It hard to reject people, it's freaking hard for me. And I will learn how to reject people nicely from now on.

Excuse alot  is it a good reject tool ? I think people will hate you if u excuse alot but it's also unaviodable sometimes. So how ??? I dunno, that's why I said Im fear to reject :(

Last, I wont kick my own ass next time !! No More !! 

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Panda or dog ?

Hello. Hola Wish you all have a Happy Monday :D

A homeless dog stay at my garden almost 6 months. Actually got many (7)homeless dogs at my garden and I already used to it. Got benefits also because they can alert us if got any stranger come to our garden. They will bark bark bark bark bark untill the leave, very noisy sometimes. 

HAHAHA, I remember got one time my neighbor told me that day she crouch and gardening. Then a black female dog came near her. When she noticed that, the dog mouth was opened big big and target her butt. Almost want bite her butt. My neighbor get shock and use her gloves and beat her. Quite funny, all dogs like her butt, don't know why her butt so charming. 

Okay, photo time :

They're fucking cute!! You will love them when you saw them, I SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR!! I don't know who is their daddy, and her mama got many boyfriends LOLs. But they really look like panda. Whole body are fair except the eyes and ears area there. And both of them are female !

See I capture this - Dragonfly. Quite nice and the color is so sharp.
The actual color is red but dunno why inside photo look like orange.

Good Night :D
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broga hill.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Sunday :D

Hey :D  What time do you think I wake up today? Nyeknyek~ You will never know the answer! MUHAHA~ Today I wake up at 3.45a.m. A.M. leh ! I went to bed 4 hours only, this is the first time. For beautiful scape, I BALK !! So I go take them then go meet Suzzane at OK Dak. An hour later we arrived at the destination-Broga :) WOAH! Alot people went there :O Full of car, you know ? early in the morning already alot people and car there. There got 3 mountain, not yet reach the first mountain you already start breathless. And climb climb climb you will feel that you legs like not yours anymore =.= Cause like no strength somemore cant balance,really you know. LOLs. Almost an hour we only reached there first mountain, how cool is it ! There have 3 mountain, we only reached the first on the mountain really shiok! Because the wind oncoming~ Rest awhile then start our journey.We succeed conquest 3 mountains!! YEAH.


See the peak there, alot people O.O This is the time when we climb down.

 This is our member who got go today and still got one is cameraman. 

 Landscape there. At this time we already at 3rd mountain ;)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello. Hola wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Hi there! When I got nothing to do I will read some comics. I like to read all those detective one. And this 2 are my favourite :D I think everyone know Conan right ?
Conan also got movie, it is so nice to watch ;)

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo.
Kindaichi is a famous dectective's grandson. He is a genius and got IQ 180, has a strong thinking reasoning mind. Miyuki his childhood with Kindaichi experience numerous dangerous strange killing. Ingenious means of murder after another break one by one. 

The story is about a 17-year-old genius detective named Shinichi Kudou who gets poisoned by a mysterious underground crime organization and shrinks into his 7-year-old body. He's forced to hide his true identity, and fools his almost-girlfriend Ran into believing that he's just a 7-year-old boy named Conan Edogawa. He ends up living with Ran and her father in their home slash private detective agency. He continues to try and find a cure to un-shrink his body, solving various mystery cases along the way. Very few people know Conan's secret, and to this day, Ran is still clueless.

Detective comic book compared with general girl comic, his charm lies in both the real life side, while another detachment of our daily part,behave in real life, the emergence of non-stop killing, killed and suspect. 
I love comics.
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


      都有听过蔡健雅的《无底洞》那首歌:“有时寂寞太沉重,身边彷佛只是观众,你的感受没有人懂...'' 这收歌是这样的在爱情里盲盲目目 永远不满足的贪欲 讽刺又无奈于这样的境遇。
      夜深了,为什么不睡觉?不是不想睡,是睡不着,是害怕。越睡不着就越孤独,越孤独就越害怕。于是,在网路上跟这个或那个虚拟的知己聊天,谈工作,谈生活,倾诉自己的烦恼,诉说自己的不如意。或哭,或笑,或调情,或吵架。虽然对方是虚拟的,像空气一样,看不见,摸不着,但是,毕竟是一个活生生的人啊!有人陪着说话就忘记了孤独,就不害怕,就感觉自己像正常人一样活着... 然而,再好的知己也不能整夜的陪伴她的孤独,他也需要睡觉,工作。那个人告别了,她的电脑关了,望着黑黑的屏幕,孤独与烦恼又重新袭来...网络只能解决暂时的问题,更多的时候,一切的烦恼只能自己承受。


谢谢浏览 =D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl's night.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Friday ;D

Wooohooo, having dinner with two ducks that is Carmen and Suzzane. After have our dinner we go second round, went to Tarot. Hehe, chat there and took photos there. And played Carmen's ipod.Hope that I can own one. HAPPY :D Yeah, today I dressed very very girly. Flower dress + a little heels shoes. Dunno why I scare to wear dress ~.~ But I got alot dress !! FMLLL. LOLs. I will wear more dress when I hang out with friends! Woohoo, excited so much. 

Photo sharing :

Baked spaghetti. *YUM*

 The classical pizza. CHEESEEEEEE~ *YUM*

See the drink(Jasmine lemon) 3.90ringgit, so huge. :S

concentrade play game :D

She is Carmen Yau. *Hot dog lips* Muahahaha!

And she is Suzzane :D

 And here we're !! Check out my face emotion. Woohoo ;)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Eveything in Panda.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Panda is also known as the panda bear, bamboo bear, or in Chinese as Daxiongmao, the "large bear cat." The scientific name (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) means "black and white cat-footed animal." Panda fossils have been found in present day Burma, Vietnam, and particularly early in eastern China, as far north as Beijing. Everything in panda, woohoo~ I love panda ;) They're cute and adorable, right ? I hope I can adopt them, but I know it wont come true in my life. HAHAs.

They're National treasure in China and now panda bears are going extinct because they're running out of room to live. People are moving slowly in their habitat of the pandas because of the population, cutting down the bamboo to make farms out of the area and the change of the weather. Love panda do not go extinct, save the panda now ;)
Wow, I found a link WWF. Take a look ;)

Photo sharing :

 Panda's cupcake

 Sushi in panda decorations.


Panda's toaster.

 Foam in panda shape.

 Foam in panda shape. 

 AHH!! So cute this , not willing to eat it loh !! OMG

 Panda's bread.*like like like*

 Panda and pig's cake !!

 Panda's tatto. Woohoo, so nice this *_*

Guess what, this is mouth(obviously) Can draw this next time, HAHAHs

Panda's nail art. So cool !

WAAAAA !! I hope I can decorate my room like this, awesome bedroom for me ;D

Good night!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday :D

Today go have brunch with Jenni. And we ate Laksa min fan gou *yumyum*  There hard to find parking so we parked it at Terminal 1 parking lot and walk to there, not really far still ok for me ;) After that we went to Terminal 1 to search her leggings, she said she want buy a leather leggings O.O but so expansive $69.99. At Sg. Wang sure can buy a cheap + nice leggings. I like to taste delicious food and I like to cook too. I want to try to bake some cake next time or cookies, woohooo~ ;D Carmen yau !! Bake cake together next time, okay ? hiehie~

Photo time :

Laksa min fan gou !! Saw the oil ? hehe, but tasty loh~

She is Jenni Chow.

Home cook :

Ingredient : onions and garlic in granular, lotus in piece and canned peanut.

Tao Fu Pok and pork. After cut all things then saute onion + garlic with a little oil until the garlic become golden color then put the pork and lotus together and saute again.
Then prepare another pot and put all inside include the peanut, taofu pok and stew it.
Of course, you can add some flavor inside like: salt,soy sauce or oyster sauce.

Ta Dah~

 Saute Veggies.

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Photos post.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday :D

Hey there ! I'm boring so I'm trying to post something on my blog just a random post~ Okay, now I dont have any part/full time job and still got one month to go for form 6. I officially free at home and everyday sit at home doing nothing. Day-day surf the net and chit-chat with friends this is the only 'job' that I can do XD Actually I got try to looking a job in newspaper there but I not dare to pick up the phone and call, dont know why LOLs.

Skip skip, back to topic :D

Yo ! This is my coola doggie - LengLeng

 Hand drawing panda ! I know it not perfect. My drawing skill is suck ;(

 Italian pizza. *thumbs up*

Ratatouille *thumbs up*

 Home cook dessert -Long gan, aloe vera and mok yi Tong shui *thumbs up* 

Have this dinner when CNY. And I forgot what this meal call. Vietniam's food. 

 This one taste like Azat spicy spicy + little sour.

 Nice *thumbs up*

Is it called snail ? But inside that not snail meat, i dunno what meat inside LOLs.

 I captured this at Kuala Pilah, Kem Karisma. In the morning and the last day I was there.

Yeah ! I'm holding Chameleon, I can feel it breathing ;)
 This is CNY pic and I was fat that time, see my face so round !! 

Do not be intimidated after saw the photo below. 
Are You ready ?
TA-DAH ! its me XD

Good night ;)
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