Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos post.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday :D

Hey there ! I'm boring so I'm trying to post something on my blog just a random post~ Okay, now I dont have any part/full time job and still got one month to go for form 6. I officially free at home and everyday sit at home doing nothing. Day-day surf the net and chit-chat with friends this is the only 'job' that I can do XD Actually I got try to looking a job in newspaper there but I not dare to pick up the phone and call, dont know why LOLs.

Skip skip, back to topic :D

Yo ! This is my coola doggie - LengLeng

 Hand drawing panda ! I know it not perfect. My drawing skill is suck ;(

 Italian pizza. *thumbs up*

Ratatouille *thumbs up*

 Home cook dessert -Long gan, aloe vera and mok yi Tong shui *thumbs up* 

Have this dinner when CNY. And I forgot what this meal call. Vietniam's food. 

 This one taste like Azat spicy spicy + little sour.

 Nice *thumbs up*

Is it called snail ? But inside that not snail meat, i dunno what meat inside LOLs.

 I captured this at Kuala Pilah, Kem Karisma. In the morning and the last day I was there.

Yeah ! I'm holding Chameleon, I can feel it breathing ;)
 This is CNY pic and I was fat that time, see my face so round !! 

Do not be intimidated after saw the photo below. 
Are You ready ?
TA-DAH ! its me XD

Good night ;)
Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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