Monday, April 18, 2011

Panda or dog ?

Hello. Hola Wish you all have a Happy Monday :D

A homeless dog stay at my garden almost 6 months. Actually got many (7)homeless dogs at my garden and I already used to it. Got benefits also because they can alert us if got any stranger come to our garden. They will bark bark bark bark bark untill the leave, very noisy sometimes. 

HAHAHA, I remember got one time my neighbor told me that day she crouch and gardening. Then a black female dog came near her. When she noticed that, the dog mouth was opened big big and target her butt. Almost want bite her butt. My neighbor get shock and use her gloves and beat her. Quite funny, all dogs like her butt, don't know why her butt so charming. 

Okay, photo time :

They're fucking cute!! You will love them when you saw them, I SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR!! I don't know who is their daddy, and her mama got many boyfriends LOLs. But they really look like panda. Whole body are fair except the eyes and ears area there. And both of them are female !

See I capture this - Dragonfly. Quite nice and the color is so sharp.
The actual color is red but dunno why inside photo look like orange.

Good Night :D
Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao.

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