Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl's night.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Friday ;D

Wooohooo, having dinner with two ducks that is Carmen and Suzzane. After have our dinner we go second round, went to Tarot. Hehe, chat there and took photos there. And played Carmen's ipod.Hope that I can own one. HAPPY :D Yeah, today I dressed very very girly. Flower dress + a little heels shoes. Dunno why I scare to wear dress ~.~ But I got alot dress !! FMLLL. LOLs. I will wear more dress when I hang out with friends! Woohoo, excited so much. 

Photo sharing :

Baked spaghetti. *YUM*

 The classical pizza. CHEESEEEEEE~ *YUM*

See the drink(Jasmine lemon) 3.90ringgit, so huge. :S

concentrade play game :D

She is Carmen Yau. *Hot dog lips* Muahahaha!

And she is Suzzane :D

 And here we're !! Check out my face emotion. Woohoo ;)

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao

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