Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year.

Have my reunion dinner with my beloved family - papa ,mama, gorgor and jiejie :D Seriously didn't have any CNY mood, is getting boring year by year :'(  This year will be the poor and unhappy new year i think cause my family have less income but it's okay, tomorrow will always be a better day, who knew ? #thinkpositive 


This is awesome !!!!! 


Steam Fish

 Grilled pork

And lastly :


 My family's babies - Lengleng and Moumou.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Part of me.

One of my favourite hobby is watching all those makeup videos especially Michelle Phan's.  I dunno why i'm so into all these things - anything about fashions, or maybe all the girls are the same ? HAHA. I've been  putting makeup since i'm 14, just draw eyeliner and sweep some blush on my face, that's all. I still remembered the first time i wore makeup when going to have lunch with my parents. My mum discovered that i've wore makeup and said :''aiyo~ someone have put on makeup today, started to fatt hao already!'' At the moment I'm so embarrassed i dare not to raise my head up, i'm so shy like i'd doing something wrong -.- that's my very first time ;') 

Makeup is very common nowadays and worn by millions girls all over the world. As a girl i think we've had to learn some makeup skills. Makeup can let a ordinary girl turns into a real woman or a beautiful swan, this is so MAGIC~ I just put makeup when it's necessary, usually whenever i go out i must make sure everything is perfect, make up doesn't meltdown yet i always change lots of clothes before going out then my mum started to mumbling, complaining and making #megusta face there. HAHA. I always liked to makeover a person, you can feel the joy of them if you make them look pretty of course but....i've no skill !! BUAHAHA. I dream to be a professional/succeed makeup artist :')  It's easy to dream a dream every night but it's difficult to fight for a dream.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today's dinner - steak

Today went to Tesco with my mum and bought the ingredients for the dinner, bought buffalo chop and some breads. Overall the taste is palatable, but it is too hard to chew. I don't know why, every time cooked buffalo or beef the meat sure hard to chew and you need use your legs to help you to pull the meat when you eat. Urgh, i want to learn how to cook western meal, next time i can cook for my bfie Muahahahahah :D

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The changes

The changes between us, since last year until now, we've changed a lot. Our friendship changed, appearance changed, somehow personality also changed. From that moment I told myself repeatedly although how we changed, deep inside my heart you're always my best friend forever. Hate the feeling when we met each other, seems like the most familiar stranger, the moment very awkward.  What i want to say is people and feelings may change but some place and memories will last forever in our hearts. ''Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. So never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.'' No regrets in life, just lessons.

Another changes is, the relationship between my classmates and me. We can mix freely after the drama competition, with no blockage anymore. I like this feeling very much, very comfortable. The feeling is so amazing when all the classmates shoulder to shoulder solve problems/help each other - team spirit so strong / full of love. You can feel that life is meaningful. ''Life isn't always a fairytale, that's why you should enjoy the moments when it feel like it is.'' YA ! I'M VERY ENJOY ! 

Live your life well, stay happy and lucky to your all :D

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CNY Biscuits

So what you need is lotus roots & arrow head (vegetable). It's so expansive where shopping center/shop sell, just a few steps and you can save your money from buying at outside :D

  1. You have to wash&shave the skin of the arrow head/lotus roots and slice it in a medium thin pieces. 
  2. Boiled the oil , and throw the arrow head/lotus roots when the oil is boiled.
  3. Use chopsticks to constant stirring prevents it from burning.
  4. And here you got your delicious-cheap CNY biscuits.   

If you didn't constant stirring you'll got this ! HAHAHA , it burnt just throw it  cause you cant eat anymore it will harm you health.

Enjoy the joys of baking CNY biscuits :D

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Yeah, is year 2012 - new beginning , new hopes and new dreams. Forget the past and move it on, hope all the regretted things that i haven't done will be done in this year, all the best for you and me :')  1 month holidays passed very fast, not willing to back to school life but i still have to :(  I have to put on my uniform ............

This is my school uniform.

And i have to tied up my hair too, my hair doesn't reach the length yet when i tied my hair up i look like aunty, if i didn't tied up i sweat a lot
what daaaaa ..........................


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