Friday, January 20, 2012

Part of me.

One of my favourite hobby is watching all those makeup videos especially Michelle Phan's.  I dunno why i'm so into all these things - anything about fashions, or maybe all the girls are the same ? HAHA. I've been  putting makeup since i'm 14, just draw eyeliner and sweep some blush on my face, that's all. I still remembered the first time i wore makeup when going to have lunch with my parents. My mum discovered that i've wore makeup and said :''aiyo~ someone have put on makeup today, started to fatt hao already!'' At the moment I'm so embarrassed i dare not to raise my head up, i'm so shy like i'd doing something wrong -.- that's my very first time ;') 

Makeup is very common nowadays and worn by millions girls all over the world. As a girl i think we've had to learn some makeup skills. Makeup can let a ordinary girl turns into a real woman or a beautiful swan, this is so MAGIC~ I just put makeup when it's necessary, usually whenever i go out i must make sure everything is perfect, make up doesn't meltdown yet i always change lots of clothes before going out then my mum started to mumbling, complaining and making #megusta face there. HAHA. I always liked to makeover a person, you can feel the joy of them if you make them look pretty of course but....i've no skill !! BUAHAHA. I dream to be a professional/succeed makeup artist :')  It's easy to dream a dream every night but it's difficult to fight for a dream.

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