Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday ;D

I'm so bored when you're not coming to school... I miss you badly Charley!! I miss that time when we're chatting ,joking and playing... I got many things want tell you eh T_T Hope you will coming soon.Today at school we all are laughing because of some photo =.= They zoom my face to the bigger 1 and all laughed at there quite funny ler actually XD And Sylvia put it as her screensaver OMG. Scary ~

Okay. After school finish bath I got some photoshoot with my new lens ,nyeknyek~ The lens diameter is too big for me lah 15mm =.= look like alien sia if don't have put any makeup on it. I like the lens's color so much ! The Grey one ! I like Greeeey ~ Look sexy har , lol.

 Da Daaah ~

Yea. Biggest eyes! I wish I have a pair of big charming eyes XD
But it wont come true in my life lol.

My mum said this ugly wor like get shock jiang.
Always ugly de lah ~ haha

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day out ~

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday ;D

Emmm...every Tuesday always rain one, but I feel good ahahaha ~ Raining day nice to sleep har ! Nothing special today just feel a bit weird with some people when he around me I'm not feeling well dunno why also har lol ! Dunno what's happening now =.,= we're friend but we don't. Haiz hard to explain. I hope we got another close relationship for you and me XD

Oh okay, yesterday skipped school and go for undang test, and I passed my test ! hoho, finally passed ler ~.~ Go test my undang 4th times at the end passed also lah, is ok for me ;) Reading to learn driving car liaw !! ahahahaha~ Exciting de lor ~

Last saturday hang out with Paries and Sylvia ~ Go MBO for watching Toy Story 3 yipeee ~ Nice wad this cartoon ! I like cartoon so much de lor~ but some people said very childish waa cartoon mah sure childish wad =.= I like the Buzz LightYear when he turn into Spanish style XD So cute !! After finish our movie we go Old Town for having our Tea ~ Then we take bus go to T1 > Yellow bus stop > School. I like take bus !!

Old Town - Tea time
Stupid Paries.

Hee~Sylvia's fingers + my head !

Sylvia's Legs~


And mine ! ahaha !

Cadet Night - Party

 Bus stop. Sylvia's face =/=

 Silly us.

Look smart ya Ah Fook.

Ah Wah leng zai also.


The End.

Happy hours with them ;)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello . Halo . Wish you all have a happy Tuesday ;D

Hahaha lazy to blog holiday's activity XD wait until now only blog. No travel to anywhere just stay at home and 'bou' Hong Kong drama ;) But luckily still got a camp to let me to enjoy my last 3 days holiday ,heheh~ That camp named Youth Camp 5 in Inti collage. Met a little bit new friends and enjoy myself with new camp friends ;D
Below is my photos in holiday and camp too.

Out going with my neighbor and mummy ;D
Have our Thai dinner at Carrefour. Each bowl/plate RM5.

Tom yam~ yum yum~

Som tam , i like this so so much !
Lastly ,ABC ;)

After that we went to Econsave for buying goods.

See this! stick together 1 o.O

Enjoying when choosing watermelon! ahaha !

Jogging time - near by house
the sky ~

Dog's  foot print, See so Q lol.

Leng Leng ~

The view at the mountain.

Again ~

After jogging till 7.00pm+ we all go back and bath ~ WeeeWee~
Everyday jog at there at 6.30pm and this is a good exercise for me ;P

Last~ Youth Camp 5 ~

Me and suzzane.

hehe ! classmate =)

with committee Jason ;)

committee too ~

Yea. This is my group WildCats !!

Take together with all campers ~

Love my group mates so much they all are funny ;DD Hope to meet again ~ And my fancy too they're cute lah XD Enjoys my holiday ~

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Satisfied ;)

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a happy Monday ;D

The view when the way back home.

Last week dunno which day me and my family went for dinner.
We had our dinner at Korea restaurant at Tunku Jaafar ;)
The food there are freaking delicious XD 
And it cost RM100 ,all the food there are from Korea.
Okay. Below got some photos ,check it out ~

 Inside the room.

 Main course.

Yea. The rice mix will many veges.

 And this ! Very NICE, inside got squid + korea noodles.

Something look like pizza lol but the ingredient are veges + eggs +....

Okay~ This is our dinner on that day quite fulled ;) 

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sexy post

Hello . Hola .Wish you all have a happy Monday ;D

Day 1 - Holiday
Woke up at 9 something after that went to Jusco. And bought somethings :P Today spent 5 hours there. Overstate right ? lol. Went there with aunty and my mum ;) Crazeeee ~

Who is the sexiest woman in the world ?
Just now I search it on Google and I found Ten Most Sexy Women in the World.

1.Karolina Kurkova

I think she is the model in Victoria's Secret

2. Bar Rafaeli

3.Angelina Jolie

Yea. I love her so much !

4.Gisele Bundchen

5. Scarlett Johansson

6. Adriana Lima

7. Heidi Klum  

8. Penélope Cruz 


9. Manuela Arcuri  

10. Shakira


So which is your sexiest woman in your mind ? ;)
For me is Angelina Jolie always. Hehe ~
Okay end here ;)

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Damper but Happy

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a happy Sunday :D

Hahah, this morning go jogging again with Yen Teng :D After that have our breakfast together. Finish our breakfast then back home. Today so tired ~.~ clear all the rubbish away from my room and hang up the pinky curtain :D Now my room is fresh and tidy ~ hohohoho ~ In addition , I skipped tuition today =S English tuition and Suzzane was going alone. I'm sorry about that, but I'm really tired :(

The Day out with Sisters ~
Really disappointed Yesterday I said that I'm going to watch Nightmare with my sisters but it was really really dampened T_T Can't watch because we're not enough age to watch got catch. Urghh !!! We all are expect to watch it ! Grrrrr... After that we going to have PizzaHut ! Hahaa, although it was damper but still enjoy ourselves for having Pizza~ Have a nice day also ;)

Saturday : 4.30pm-8.30pm = Photos of the Day~

 Yea~ My favourite - Pepperoni + chessy 

Boon + Teng

Take 1- Char + Myi

Take 2

Teng + Myi

Solo Time !

Boon Boon

Teng Teng

Char Char

Hey it me XD Funny but i like it

Take 2

p/s : Now i realize I don't have take picture with Boon Boon :X
        Okay, this is the Day out with sisters !

I wish you all have a wonderful Sunday and Enjoy whatever you do :D
Thanks for viewing ~ Cau Cau ~