Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is it look weird ?

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a happy Wednesday :D

OMG =.= today I woke up late at 6.30am in the morning because of Char Char .I want to wish her for her birthday so I  decided to wish her at 12am and I already set my clock :D I'm tired when wishing her lol after that I forgot to set my alarm =.= this is because why i woke up late but luckily my mum woke me up ,heheheh~
Ahah~ Last yesterday I was testing to put on my lower eyelashes. And the result is OK OK de.Its Oklah the lower eyelashes is too long for me but quit nice also =X for me lah ~ Don't get mad when after looking this lol okay .I will try my best next time lah ,will be more natural abit and I'm just a newbie in make up niaa ~ :) Show you some photo here :



OK OK , I know the 2nd one is ugly I just want to show you the lashes :) Don't get mad OK. The 2nd picture look like I use some photoshop to edit it and look fake. I will try my best next time okay. I know I'm not pretty but I'm trying to make myself look pretty to build my confidence =.=  
Everyone hope to make herself pretty ,why not ? Everyone got their authority to make herself look good even though a pretty girl do that too. Just want to make sure that they're looking good all the time included me :) I will accept all the criticize but don't make it excessive. No people will like that of course. XD 
Recently I'm in love with Justin Bieber's song ,ahahaha don't know why also ~ Example Stuck in the moment and Love me. All about love then suit me lah :D Okay stopped here.

I wish you all have a wonderful Wednesday and Enjoy whatever you do :D
Thanks for viewing ~ Cau Cau ~

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