Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enjoyable Day :)

Hello . Holla . Wish you all have a happy Saturday :D

Today go jogging with my mum at 7.30am :D
I'm really enjoys myself to breathe the full of fresh air ~ ~
Ahahaha, not much people jog in the park maybe it was late.
I'm super less to exercise and always sit in front of my computer =X
I need a healthy body ! And a perfect body line lol XD
I'm thinking should I have a Yoga class ? Izzit the fees is expansive ?
And who want to go with me ? ahahahah ~ I'm interested in Yoga :)
Mmmmm... later 5 somethings hang out with ma sister for watching the Nightmare ~.~ I'm scare to watch because I never watch horror movie in the cinema before =X

End with this =)

1. Ahahaha~ This is my breakfast for today - Chapati + tomatoes + eggs :)
2. That is my doggie  - Leng Leng



I wish you all have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy whatever you do :D
Thanks for viewing ~ Cau Cau ~

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