Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day out ~

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Tuesday ;D

Emmm...every Tuesday always rain one, but I feel good ahahaha ~ Raining day nice to sleep har ! Nothing special today just feel a bit weird with some people when he around me I'm not feeling well dunno why also har lol ! Dunno what's happening now =.,= we're friend but we don't. Haiz hard to explain. I hope we got another close relationship for you and me XD

Oh okay, yesterday skipped school and go for undang test, and I passed my test ! hoho, finally passed ler ~.~ Go test my undang 4th times at the end passed also lah, is ok for me ;) Reading to learn driving car liaw !! ahahahaha~ Exciting de lor ~

Last saturday hang out with Paries and Sylvia ~ Go MBO for watching Toy Story 3 yipeee ~ Nice wad this cartoon ! I like cartoon so much de lor~ but some people said very childish waa cartoon mah sure childish wad =.= I like the Buzz LightYear when he turn into Spanish style XD So cute !! After finish our movie we go Old Town for having our Tea ~ Then we take bus go to T1 > Yellow bus stop > School. I like take bus !!

Old Town - Tea time
Stupid Paries.

Hee~Sylvia's fingers + my head !

Sylvia's Legs~


And mine ! ahaha !

Cadet Night - Party

 Bus stop. Sylvia's face =/=

 Silly us.

Look smart ya Ah Fook.

Ah Wah leng zai also.


The End.

Happy hours with them ;)

Thanks for viewing~ Cau Cau

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