Friday, June 4, 2010

My phone suck=.=

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a happy Friday :D

Today skipped to school cause lazy go and going to holiday soon then don't want go XD Moreover, I slept till one somethings and woke up for tuition at 2pm. Yesterday slept late so sure woke up late =X My hand phone really suck ! One call from my friend then shut off ,shit lah ! I just said Hello then shut off already =.= damn, time to change my phone already :) I'm using a lousy phone but got phone better than don't have lah I know =.= Hope I can get a new phone SOON. Really piss off =.=
Later going to have dinner with relatives ,OMG I hate all this. Now I realize I hate to communicate with human =.= I think that is a hard things for me, I like to stay alone :) They're annoying me because I hate to be with them. They're noisy enough =.= ( For Me )
So moody today , urgh !

I wish you all have a wonderful Friday and Enjoy whatever you do :D
Thanks for viewing ~ Cau Cau ~

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