Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Wednesday ;D

I'm so bored when you're not coming to school... I miss you badly Charley!! I miss that time when we're chatting ,joking and playing... I got many things want tell you eh T_T Hope you will coming soon.Today at school we all are laughing because of some photo =.= They zoom my face to the bigger 1 and all laughed at there quite funny ler actually XD And Sylvia put it as her screensaver OMG. Scary ~

Okay. After school finish bath I got some photoshoot with my new lens ,nyeknyek~ The lens diameter is too big for me lah 15mm =.= look like alien sia if don't have put any makeup on it. I like the lens's color so much ! The Grey one ! I like Greeeey ~ Look sexy har , lol.

 Da Daaah ~

Yea. Biggest eyes! I wish I have a pair of big charming eyes XD
But it wont come true in my life lol.

My mum said this ugly wor like get shock jiang.
Always ugly de lah ~ haha

Thanks for viewing~ Cau Cau~

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