Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a happy Thursday :D

Today went to school but felt like never attended in school. Haha, because Form 5 students got lectures and education fair also :) And our teacher no chance to teach us too, nyeknyek~ The lectures is about what course you going to choose (future study) lead you how to choose and what you're interested and which job are more suitable for you. I'm still blur dunno want to get what job or course after SPM really blur enough =.= I'm interested in Art Design and this is the only one that I can choose. Many days ago my mum told me follow my sister go to Singapore to be a beautician this is a good choice also. But still confusing =X I don't know what I want now. My future is boundless and indistinct so confuse what I'm going to be.
When I met you in the school I dunno what face that I should give you ,we seem like a stranger... I'm regret to told you that, indeed regret... I wish time can flow back to the past when we are happy :D Really felt sad when I saw you, nothing I can say... T_T
That's all for today... Thanks for viewing~ Cau Cau~ :)

I Wish you all have a wonderful Thursday and Enjoy whatever you do :D

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