Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CNY Biscuits

So what you need is lotus roots & arrow head (vegetable). It's so expansive where shopping center/shop sell, just a few steps and you can save your money from buying at outside :D

  1. You have to wash&shave the skin of the arrow head/lotus roots and slice it in a medium thin pieces. 
  2. Boiled the oil , and throw the arrow head/lotus roots when the oil is boiled.
  3. Use chopsticks to constant stirring prevents it from burning.
  4. And here you got your delicious-cheap CNY biscuits.   

If you didn't constant stirring you'll got this ! HAHAHA , it burnt just throw it  cause you cant eat anymore it will harm you health.

Enjoy the joys of baking CNY biscuits :D

Thanks for viewing~  CiaoCiao~

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