Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broga hill.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Sunday :D

Hey :D  What time do you think I wake up today? Nyeknyek~ You will never know the answer! MUHAHA~ Today I wake up at 3.45a.m. A.M. leh ! I went to bed 4 hours only, this is the first time. For beautiful scape, I BALK !! So I go take them then go meet Suzzane at OK Dak. An hour later we arrived at the destination-Broga :) WOAH! Alot people went there :O Full of car, you know ? early in the morning already alot people and car there. There got 3 mountain, not yet reach the first mountain you already start breathless. And climb climb climb you will feel that you legs like not yours anymore =.= Cause like no strength somemore cant balance,really you know. LOLs. Almost an hour we only reached there first mountain, how cool is it ! There have 3 mountain, we only reached the first on the mountain really shiok! Because the wind oncoming~ Rest awhile then start our journey.We succeed conquest 3 mountains!! YEAH.


See the peak there, alot people O.O This is the time when we climb down.

 This is our member who got go today and still got one is cameraman. 

 Landscape there. At this time we already at 3rd mountain ;)

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao

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