Friday, April 1, 2011

Real friend ?

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Friday :D

Got nothing to update recently don't have special mood to blog, LOLs. But today !! Finally got some post to update-update my blog post :D woohooo~ Went K.L shopping with my 'beloved ducks' and bought some new stuff for myself :)  

Yeah~ above the picture are my 'beloved ducks' (I know abit cacat, hahas). I LOVE them and always have fun with them no matter how they are. What a real friend should be ? Always be there and support you, console you after broke up with boyfriend, always be your punching bag when you saw/meet something that you feel nauseous or not well (HAHAs), share our secret together, 'meeting' always and many more.

When I find a friend like you all then I know that I have found my true friend. As time passes we only grow closer. Our memories grow larger and we grow smarter. Our friendship will never die through thick and thin. You are always my friend and I'm always be there for you. You all are my highlight of my gloomy days. And...

We will always be friends.

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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