Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unlucky day.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Thursday :D

Haha. Continued my previous post topic. This happened on Monday. Okay, I skipped school on that day :P  And followed my mum go market(pasar) have our breakfast - Chicken rice !
After that I persuade my mum change another hair style because it was too aunty =.= should be more trendy. Okloh then we go~ haha~ easy chop de maa! 

Reached there! Ok, sit down then my mum was choosing her new hair style look. After that the barber began to cut. Of course I'm sitting aside and wait her. A girl worker was sitting with me and she was playing her laptop and I'm playing my handphone's game, everything was totally fine as normal :D

All of us were busy with our stuff. Dang dang dang dang !! Climax was coming !!Suddenly the girl who sit beside me noticed that something burnt. Then she spoke out loud :" The fuse was BURNING!!" [The fuse is at outside] The barber quickly go and took the fire extinguisher to put off the fire. But he was finding the fire extinguisher(= =), and the fire was fierce. Fortunately the fire was put off...Phew~

I know is hard to imagine. So I draw a sketch to let you imagine easily :P
So here the sketch.

I never thought before ! Never thought before ! Never thought before will happened this incident.
Don't know why the fuse will burnt one. *Confuse* Haha, but luckily no people was hurt :) Only horrify. Because of the fire my mum hair need to cut it next day it because the fuse was burnt so need to switch off all the electric.

Okloh, then we back home. Way to home, there were some policemen block and check. Well, something bad happened again (= =) *OMG* My mum forgot to set her belt !! [careless mum] What an unlucky day we have ever = = Need to pay fine, we dint rasuah him lah of course haha. But he dint ask also, lucky lucky :P So this were our unlucky day. Haha.

Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~

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