Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hello. Hola. wish you all have a Happy Saturday :D

Woah, almost one month dint touch my blog already, dead dead blog. Recently was busy about SPM, so have no time to blog lah plus I got nothing to blog also, haha ~ Now everyone is busying to do their revision. 2 more weeks to go then my SPM is end !! Still left 3 subject YEAH :D ! 

This gorvement exam make us very tension. Need to do revision until midnight if dint you might not get answer when exam. So what can do ? Just do revision and revision. Of course I dint do revision until midnight cause I scare I can't wake up in the next day. And I tried when next day is Additinal math papers I do revision till 1.00am plus I'm going to wake up at 5.30am = = just sleep few hours. But I woke up at 6.49am really scare me that time, cause I need to fetch my friend to school at 6.55am. I just got few minutes to wash my face and blah blah blah.

So the conclusion is SPM make students get crazy and tension !!

Then I can leave my secondary school, will be busy after December. Cause I'm going to National Service in January. Almost my classmate kena in group 1 and some of them are same place with me! And I'm not lonely.

Very excited + nervous + anxious.

Hope everything will be fine in there, just 3 month only (hynotizing myself) T_T  Another thing that I'm excited is after SPM I'm going to travel with my classmate :D Wooohoo! 5days 4nights. I can fly after SPM ~ Weee~ without any stress liao. I hope I can live a better life in next 2011 year !

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao

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