Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoyable day.

Hello. Hola wish you all have a Happy Tuesday :D

Yo, just post a short post :D
Today my friends went to my house for do account revision, so good right. 

We use almost 4 hours to revison! 
Not bad loh, at least we got study. And the Ms Charley put aeroplane again = = okay~ never mind. Hohoho~ After that, we went to a walk. Quite happy :D shioknya~

Photo say everything, check it out !
Revision !

 Chu and Serng ge

 Boon and chu.

 Ehh...unknown dog from unknown house. It look cute.

 Short and tall.

 2 siao kia, hohoh. (right Kelly~) hohoh

 Look at the camera lengleng! Don't look at me!

 Weird face >>

 So nice this, Lengleng sit there and take with them :D

 They thought here a beach, want to show their joyful face but failed !

 Yo. Showing my muscle ! waakaka

Took by chu.

 Friend+ classmate :D

 Do re mi fa~

 so rude>>>

 Climb down, wohoho.

 Leng leng, she was tired.

Take 2

Do you mind I end with this photo ?

Ahaha ! You have no choice ! So you must see !
Okla after saw the picture don't vomit your lungs out :P

Just for fun okay = = I dint meant it.

 They call this as 'pet pet hair' lol. Paiseh xD

Opps! Have you vomit you lungs out? lol
Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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