Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry that I loved you.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Sunday.

Woah is midnight now, but I'm still in front the screen. Hohoho. Actually today I'm quite tired spend my whole morning at the jabatan there for apply passport. I want to go somewhere silently maybe tomorrow? Haha, joking lah. This passport make me twists and turn, drove me crazy man! Ok past past past already past then don't think too much. Think some happy things (for me) holidays is getting closer so we have much time to have a vacation. Woohoo~ Set me free please! 

Brother go to Genting tonight with his friends, so nice. Long time dint go Genting already. Like the weather there but also bring alot trouble to me. My nose is so so so sensitive. If you're same room with me, you'll got the free music. That music is : Ha chiu ! Haaaaaaaaaaa CHIU ~! After that my nose will became red. If you knew me, I always got the tissue in my pocket every time and every where. Tissue will not leave my nose if I'm catch cold.

Actually I want to share this video :
So nice ah, gotta feel~

Nice song, nice lyrics, and handsome singer named Anthony Neely. This is his first album : Lesson one. He is from 超级星光大道(million star) at Taiwan. Will get addicted after you listen. Desolate voice with straightfoward lyrics. Sing of love, repentance and the cruel choices behind the love.... So touching.... If you got the 轰轰烈烈的爱情(greatest love) and broke up with your Bf/Gf and listen this song you'll will cry badly.

''An apology now after all of this time
Won't make any difference tonight
But I'm hoping "im sorry" will open your mind
To love love love love in your life''

Good night !
Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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