Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ours Big Day.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday :D

Just a blink of eyes 5 years already passed, ''time doesn't keep people''. Finally I'm graduated, no doubt I will felt sad too. I'm sad because I'm going to leave my best friends, the happy moment together with them. And leave my beloved people too :( Hahaha. So how ? Still need to face all the facts lah, can't escape it. 

Actually I'm not happy when I was form 4. You all can't feel my feeling in that time. All my friends separate with me. Really leave me alone, that time I really-badly-extremely SAD! Of course I never show it out, cause I know I can't escape it.What can I do? This is my only way to go. Month by month I try to adapt it. Don't have any people will understand/feel the same feeling with me! NEVER! Don't tell me that you know my feeling, you will never know it ! That feeling still inside my mind, when I think it back. 

Fucking pain... 

Just like living in the hell. No close friend in that class, every reset time I will go and find my friend. Lucky got her that I wont feel lonely anymore. But when reset time already over I still need to go back my class and sit alone with a unknown classmate. I hate it ! 

Ahh.... too sad.... and bad things will gone just like rainbow always apppear after the rain. And now I got my friends. I'm not lonely anymore. Friends are important in our daily life ! Without friends we live in solitude. Colorless's live. So I'm going to say Good-bye to loneliness! I got back my happiness!

So all this is my feeling :D Doesn't means anything.
Just to share all my graduate's photos here. Cause photo say everything !

 Yeah !This is my class ! 5D

 My family !

And all below is my friends !

 My friends.

 Juan shen.

 Black ghost - showing our muscle! haha

 Take for fun :P

 My friends.

 Primary school friend- Fui yin

 2 cuties.

Yong xuan & Shu mui. 

With Dancers

 Ah mok.

 Yuk jie.

 Get ours sijil !

Cawangan's friend. Met him when we're form 1.


 Ming yip

 Hui teng.

 Tze Kang

 Ah wah

 Rong Qi, she is cute !

 K-ying. He is so weird !

 Wen xin.

Ah joe.

 This is the thin one - Kok juin

 This is the annoying one-Paries. Everytime argue with me.

 Yo, my primary school friends until now !

 My best sista ever - Yee wan

Charley and Yen xiao !

 The xxx one :D

 Siew boon- she is cute but really fierce oh.

I love them so much, especially the middle one. 
Very excited when saw him. haha

 Can't imagine, how dare he is. And he got wear bra ! 
His body shape so nice just like a girl body.

 Oklah, I'm happy lah that day only loh,ok !

With Super-Harmoni.

I got too many photos to share, but I can't share all :P That day I took photos took untill fainted ! 
So many people that I want took photo with them. Smile until numb when facing the camera ! But it is worth !

 Camera can capture the happy moment and it is everlasting. 

But it was like a dream, photo of us never had a distance.

I love you,
My Friends.

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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