Friday, November 5, 2010

Dim sum !!

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Friday :D

Hi  there :D Today I went to have my breakfast at Ming kok with my mummy in the early morning. When we reached there, the parking lot there almost full = =''' Early in the morning already so many people. Luckily we are fast :P Last time want to eat but no place to park car so went to eat Korean cuisin again :D

So here the food pictures (at Ming kok)  :

 Some 'xiu mai' , tofu roll (inside got meat), andwarf melon (purple color one).

Hahaa, this is 'cha xiu bao' - barbecued pork bun.

 Fried dumpling.

Fried prawn roll.

This one at Loong sheng :
Dim sum at here are better than Ming kok. And serve are good also.

 Inside got some vege and meat.

 Material : steam prawn. I love this much !!

Fry New Year cake (炒年糕) almost same like 'chao kui tiao'.

 This is so tasty !! Xiao loong bao. When u bite it the soup inside will flow out. Really nice.

Fried taro. Oh this one delicious too.

If compare like this Loong sheng's dim sum are more tasty than Ming kok. Cannot fight ah ! haha. Loong sheng at Nilai there. All function or wedding are held at there.At most are weddings lah.

After that we went to Tesco to buy some food :D

Yo!! Barbie doll's clothes !! Long time no play already. Miss it T_T

On the way home, we went to temple - 四师爷(name of the temple)

 I don't know how to translate this to English :X

Open it then light up one by one.

 And then stick all the things inside(except the papers) the bowl (something like that) ,middle that one. 
Gold color.

 Then light up the papers.

 And put it inside.

 Divinationing :D

 View at there. Great !

Way back to home :D See the cloud on the sky, so nice.
That's all :D

The next post : My Eyelid

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~
And Happy Deepavali :D

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