Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Sunday :D

I have so many post not yet post because I'm lazy to post it :P Need to upload all the photos, really lazy lah....hiehie~  So today is Halloween, I don't have any party and I never attend any Halloween party, how bad :(  In Malaysia we usually dint celebrate Halloween. So I don't really know what the meaning of Halloween. I know what is Trick or treat ! hahaha ! This is for children to ask for sweets from neighbours, they will knock the door and say :''Trick or treat?'' I know this by watching cartoon :D

I just know when Halloween everyone is dressing up with oddly clothes.Someone will act like a vampire, mermaid, Shrek and etc. So cool lah you can dress up yourself in many cartoon character or a Star. Just dressup whatever you want to :) I'm so curious do Lady Gaga dressup herself when Halloween? She will wear what in Halloween? I think she no need to dressup because her daily wear are so Halloween, haha. Moreover their house will full of Halloween decorating for example PUMPKINS, spiders and bats ! I hope I will attend any party in future, its look fun. 

 Witch look dressup.

 A Beautiful Bee girl.

And Mario !!

So here to wish you all :

Happy Halloween.

Thanks For viewing~CiaoCiao
Good Night! Sleep tight!

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