Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dog lovers

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Saturday ;D

Another Saturday already arrival and I got nothing to do here. 
Oh yeah, before this I watched a movie named Mamarduke.
It is a dog name in this movie, quite cool wad this name XD
This movie is about  a naughty Great Dane, living with the Winslow family. 
Of course the leading role of this movie is that dog Marmaduke.
This dog is greatly huge and tall than other normal dogs. 
This is a good film for all of those dog lovers. 
Dog is man's best friend always ;)

Urgh... Going to trim my hair but dunno when to trim it =X 
My current hairstyle now is very thick + not short not long and it make me feel very hot ! Wanna try some special hairstyle ,lol.
Ehhh... something like this XD --->
I'm still dunno what hairstyle that is suit me lah =.= 
Plus my school are not allow to keep long hair.
And my mum call me to try also , OMG.
Still need to think over eh. Mushroom style again =.=''

Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~

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