Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I miss it ...

Hello. Hola. wish you all have a Happy Tuesday ;D
Yeah! I got 4 days dint go to school already ^^
I'm greatly miss my gaming life, miss my gaming friends.
But now is critical juncture for my future still want to play. =.=
How many months that I don't have touch any online games already.
Always facebook, all the day also facebook except facebook I got nothing to play and do.

Another thing that I miss is my beloved friend :(
Because of some matter she need to leave us, Yeah I miss you too.
Hope you're fine at there, don't feel shame about yourself nothing is impossible!
Go ahead lady! Know some new friends at there ;D
She said at there got many foreign men, and the point is they're very handsome and like to swim. Cool man! (¯﹃¯)

I'm not going to school tomorrow XD
Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~

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