Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Moon

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Sunday ;D

Today drove car to PD for helped my brother to pack somethings.
Reached there at 12 something to '拾头拾尾'.
Day last year had changed a lot. 太多感触了...哈哈~

Yes ! I got my personal computer right now~ Weewee~
No need to share a computer with brother liao~ Hiehie~
Yeah, changed a table for my computer just like Japanese's style.

Friday - 12.30am (27/8/01)
This Friday I received someone message.
And it said today got 2 moons appear in the night.
So me and Par promise that we watch it together in the midnight.
Yeah, got moon but only 1. Haha. The moon is bright and round.
And I got 2 photos. Not really clear ;P

There got a star beside the moon.

That's all ;)
Another Happy Sunday.
Thanks For viewing~ CauCau~

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