Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily life

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a happy Friday :D

This few months had happened many things in my class because of the graduate trip :( 
This make me felt tired, absolutely tired.... I'm sure not only me feel this I think whole form 5 class will too.
But rainbow always appear after the rain. Everything were fine now ;) God bless.

Now I realize some things because of this incident, humans are evil(some lah ok) and hard to undersatnd.
They don't try to believe or understand others. They do not speak their minds just keep inside.
If just keep inside who knew what you're thinking ? I hate the person who like to guess each others.
This is hard for me maybe I don't like to guess , haha.

They do not change another point of view to think about others. They just think what they think.
Sometimes we should conceive position of others but not much people can do that. (By the way I'm still learning) :S  When we step into the community we will meet all sorts of people. And this is time to learning. 
Blah blah this is just my opinion :D

Today I found two incidents. One good and another is bad.
Erm... Lets talk about good first. My teacher told me, got a Korean course at Kuala lumpur.
Usually go to a course need to pay the course fees right ? But this is totally FREE!! Worth it right!
I want to share good things to you guys. To know more informations just log on this Website (click it) :D
I'm decided to take the course next year :P  It free, why not ? Hiehie

And the other bad news is ... Oh no this is too bad.
Blogwalking just now and I read this (click it)
A baby was dead yesterday and he is just 7 months, failure to thrive.
The baby named Bernard. OMG, it is so cruel. Sad story almost want to cry out when read this T_T 
R.I.P Bernard. Although I don't know who is he, I just want to blessing him and his family.
I believe world is still full of Love and Miracle.

Thanks for viewing!! CauCau!

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