Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard week

Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Thursday ;D

Trial exam is ended soon, still left Chinese paper ;)
Aiks... My result will be terrible, how to face it... Will put more effort in SPM >.<
Today go to school got nothing to do, no teacher come in to the class just got 2 or 3 teachers. And my class is less than 15 people attend =.= Today I slept 4 hours in the afternoon! First time sleep so long O.O very tired lor.

Yesterday just go Jusco shopping =X My aunt invite us to eat Sushi, ate almost 30 plate lol.
After that sure go shopping de maa~ hahaha. Bought somethings, happy happy ;D
Bought bed sheet - peach color and a dress etc.I love my room now, seem more romantic lol. For me lah, I know got a bit simple =X Photos below.

With normal light.

Yellow light.

Long time dint take photos liao~ Hahahahahaha. 
Sometime also want narcissistic xia de XD Almost all same pose lol.


Hiehie ~ That's all ;DD
 Thanks for viewing ~ CauCau ~

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