Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yen Teng's Birthday

Hello. Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Sunday ;D

Alright~ Yesterday went to Kelly's(Yen Teng) house for her birthday party. Be there at 6 o'clock jiang then waited the 'mo jie' Suzzane. At first got a little bit boring. So we all took photos madly. XD And we did somethings funny in the middle of road. Dancing chicken dance at there and made videos. The chicken dance learned it from 30 hours famine ;D Quite funny. After finish singing birthday song for Kelly. They all teasing Kelly and a boy. Put a cherry in the boy's mouth and called Kelly use mouth to bite it out. Quite funny de lor when they .... lol. But dint touch dao mouth lah. Haha. After that was gaming time, played till 1.00am then back home ~.~ The first time I back home at midnight.

Yeah. Need to blog a little bit for today. Woke up at 12.30pm ! Yes ! I was late ! I have a tuition at 1pm, so I have to bath quickly and ate as fast as possible too. After reach tuition centre my sit already let people sat =.= So I have to take another chair and sit beside Suzzane. Alright! I drove home after finish tuition of course my mum is sit beside me ;) I feel good when I'm driving. Amazing when controlling the car. How to describe my feel lor. Haha ! That's all ;D

Here the photos of yesterday.

Sister Forever !

Ah fook. You're Funny !!!! Hahaha~

Yeah~ All my classmates ;)

End with this photo ^^v And Happy Birthday to Ah Fook !

Thanks For viewing~ Cau Cau~

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