Monday, August 2, 2010

30 Hours Famine.

Hello . Hola . Wish you all have a Happy Monday ;D

Alright~ Skipped school today for rest, lol. Quite exhausted lor. One thing when I'm sitting on the floor my Ass is fairly pain! Sitting on the floor all day long definitely pain lah. This camp not very fun, maybe I'm not mix in with my group mates. Alright~ luckily I'm together with my friends. I'm suffered in hunger and my stomach was beat in drum when I'm in there ;(
Yeah, I'm extremely happy because  high-5(拍掌) with a foreign man !!! Alright~ He is my tea. Haha~
Photos here, Check it out!

Alright~ This is my group : Fama !

Sleeping time !

Ms.Chu and me

Ms.Yau and Ms.Chu

and Ms.Lee

Solo time !

Alright~ I got a nice pose.


p/s: Call me 长腿姐姐. lol I'm just joking ok =.=

Thanks for viewing~ CauCau~ 

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