Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello. Hola. Wish you all have a Happy Saturday :D

Woah, so fast already year 2011. Many things will change in my life right now. And Im gonna to have my own life soon. So I will face many challenge in my life, and my first challenge is National Service = = Alright, tomorrow I'm going to there lucky I still got friend same group and place with me. And I want to thanks my friends who together with me in 2010 when I'm sad/happy. 

I appreciate it :)

Carmen make a promise that when CNY we gonna meet up, good idea :D I know after N.S I wil become black (skin) nevermind, 3 months black doesn't mean forever black okay~ Will got back my original skin color ;) Finish packing and alot of things inside my laugage = = it is so heavy man ! And need to bring pail and mak gok(to hold water) go. I hope I can bring my whole house go there. When I need anything I just grab it and use, hoho~

So I will be away 3 months, just 3 months ! 
Its okay !! Wait me !! Don't forget me ok = =
Ta-ta guys :D I MISS YOU ALLLL~

Good night !
Thanks for viewing~CauCau~

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