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Ancient Rome is one of the first origins of the scarf where it was not used to keep warm, but to keep clean. It was called the sudarium, which translates from Latin toEnglish as "sweat cloth," and was used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather. They were originally worn by men around their neck or tied to their belt. Soon women started using the scarves, which were made of cloth and not made of wool, pashimina, or silk, and ever since the scarf has been fashionable among women.The scarf became a real fashion accessory by the early 19th Century for both men and women. By the middle of the 20th Century scarves became one of the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both men and women.

Nowadays scarf got many uses, we can try it with various type of style in our daily life. So bad that I got a short hair now, if not I'm going to try that scarf braid. It look so girly ♥♥
So here I'm to share it :)

9 different scarf ideas.

Charming scarf braid.

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