Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello . Hola . Wish u all have a very happy Thursday =D
Ha ! i maintanance my blog 2 days already =.=
again and again to choose the blogskins, 
many times that i have choose.
Finally done it ! Hohoho~
And i found this.
Really hard to find a Nice Layout larh.
Although u found it but got people used already
really beh song de lor~ LOL
All is settle but only the link there got problem~
I'm newbie in blogger nia~Still got many things need to learn=)

Today my class got ceramah(Moral) after school.
This ceramah is teach student how to teknik menjawab. 
1 hour only,not bad also.
After finish the ceramah,i walked out with friends.
And i saw two Form5 boys(guess) ‘玩水战’ with Form1 students.
Ran here and there.LOL,that was Funny !
Just now my mum called the instructor for my undang~
woohooo~I think next wednesday I'm going to listen for 5 hours.
Dunno want this sunday or next wednesday listen ~.~
Okay,That's all for Today ~

I wish you a Wonderful Thursday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
 Thanks for viewing.   Cau cau ~

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