Saturday, March 6, 2010

Work hard together !

Hello . Hola . Wish u all have a very happy Saturday =)

Mmmm...all friends is going to study now
All study hard for SPM
T_T hope i can try my best to do it 
I think I'm going to set a timetable for study
impossible rite ? lol
then my time will be more and more stable
if i follow the timetable, Ha !
Teacher said 1 day at least need 3 hours 
for revision O.O
if less than 3 hours not enough time to revision wor
Just now Paries told me
said she was stressful
because all is getting ready to get Good Result in SPM
My gosd....I'm freaking anxious now =X
Canot liao T____________T
 later I'm going to make a greater effort to study liao !
 Ha ! Good Luck For Myself !
Wish u all Good Luck too !

I wish you a Wonderful Saturday and Enjoy it too whatever you do =D
Thanks for viewing.   Cau cau ~

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