Saturday, May 21, 2011


Okay,  this topic again  because something had inspired me to blog about this. 
What the meaning of friend - A person whom one knows, likes and trusts. Friend is indispensable in life. Therefore, we should treasure our friend around. You can don't have love but you can't without a friend. Friendship is one of the most pure, the most noble and do most simple, most touching, and most extraordinary feeling that everyone cannot do without friendship. We can meet ,can be friend can be said to be a lucky, fate doesn't appear at all the time, we should cherish the hard-won fate.

Friend can be divided into many stages - 'halo friend' (I named them as halo friend) , close friend and best friend. I think many people have a lot of 'halo friends'. What is 'halo' friend ? A person who just greet you and said goodbye to you, don't have any talks, that's all. Next close friend and best friend are the way better than 'halo friend'. Got a lot topic to chat, what also chat, don't have any privacy. I like the time when I have a dinner/tea with my best friends. That's a best best time ever for me. So relax and comfort too :D

Don't know how to say, just.... HAHA, the end..
There are something that I do not say, do not ask, does not mean I don't care.

Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao

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