Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm so sad, it really a sad thing when a person who abuse a dog, just too terrible... Dogs are one of the most wonderful pets you can add to a home. They show a lot of affection. Dogs should be loved and treated well, but as we all know that is not always the case. Nowadays there're a lot of dog abuse cases.  Person who abuse dog they're just holy shit ! Are they lack of love ? Why they should did this ? And why they always like to 'show off' ,always make a video how the processing to abuse a dog and upload to Youtube or whatever. Shame on those people !

Dog is the most faithful friend for man. They're unselfish friend, they will not to abandon his friends, and they won't be ungrateful to his friends - Dog. Dog may be an angel that sent by God, they make people happy and blessed. If you have nothing, as long as you have a dog then you will feel very happiness. When you are in pain, they are at your side, when you are sad, they still around you; when you misfortune, they will always by your side. They will not leaving without you. Dog is a very loyalty animal, as long as you treat it good, they will never ever betray you and will not change their heart.

Love dogs, love life.
Thanks for viewing~CiaoCiao~

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