Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The happiest things in life.

Today I realized what is the happiest mean. In fact, happiness can be very simple. However, the definition of happiness for everyone is different. There are many kinds of happiness, can be divided into the following:

- Satisfy our own desires.
- Found a good friend.
- Found the one you love/ love you.
- Together with our loved one.
- Have our own goals and working hard to achieve it.

The happiest things in life is a man who will do anything for you. Is it the world has this man? You and I are looking for. This man is not hard to find, and you may have met. However, you chose not to love him. Sometimes, life is so unreasonable... HAHA.

The most difficult thing is you want to love a person but you canot love her/him. You are not afraid of she/he no enough love you, just afraid that you love him not enough deep. When you find the present happiness, you can find the same happiness again ? Is it love is so-called ''impossible'' ? Yet, some love is indeed impossible..

When you canot find a new friend, have you ever thought to look for your old friend? Then you finally found that childhood friendship is the most pure. That's true... One day, affinity reunion even our distanct is very far we do not have any feeling of discomfort. Recollection of past events, remember that we are still a kid until now, life like circle going round, you will get some friends also lost some friends. But only for your kid's friends, continue as year. Is hard to maintain a relationship. That's why we need to gather sometimes.

Everything has a beginning will have an end too. No matter friendship or love. Any relationship also the same. Perhaps the only way to end is differently. The end may be happy, sad, have a regret or broke up. The only thing we can do is end the relatipnship beautifully. Because at first we will know that, there will always be the end.

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