Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Fashion Trend 2011.

Polka dots fashion has been around for many years and once again it is returning as a hot trend for Spring 2011. Polka dots are one of those prints that will never go out of fashion. They are timeless prints that allures everyone’s eyes. With a strong retro feel, many famous designers rolled out lots of polka dots styles in their spring 2011 fashion shows. Polka dots were also prominent on accessories.

Floral prints were going to be the top trends for Spring 2011. It’s spring fashion and wakes up with an invasion of flowers on dresses, lingerie and accessories. The make-up chooses the muted tones of the buds to light up the eyes and lips. Clothing such as buds, bouquet colored patterns, the colors of the flowers in all their shades, is a must for spring 2011.The flowers of today are brighter, bolder ones that are nothing like that awful bedspread.

Paying attention to the latest fashion trends on runways, in magazines, celebrities and daily life,stripe patterns are returning in more colorful and bright lines.Stripe patterns are coming in many styles and designs, such as romantic dresses, casual jumpsuits, stylist tops, short dresses, maxi dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, straw hats, and much more, featuring in diagonal stripes, vertical stripes, and horizontal stripes.

2011 is the year of color, it’s a time to play with color, and color blocking trend is back, in very very bright, light, vibrant, and fluorescent touch. Dresses, pants, tops and even bags are full of color block. Bright and bold colors replaced the gloomy hues of black and gray. It’s time we indulge into something with our summer get-up to celebrate a sunny escapade with Mr. Sun.

So here hope you can have a fashionable style~
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