Saturday, June 25, 2011

All about food.

Hi there! Quite a long time dint update my blog post. Because I'm lazy to blog, hehe. And teachers gave a bunch of homework, I just make it exaggerated a bit.  HAHA ! Well, I really enjoy my form6 life to the full. In the school we named as Pre-U students and we have a specify buildings just for Pre-U students. This is the first time I same school with those  different races friends, my secondary school is a Chinese school there are 99.9% of Chinese. Is really a new attempt for me, not bad :D

So today I gonna post about home-made dishes. I have a habit, that is when every time my mum or myself had cook/buy some food/dishes I always take some photos. For me they're incredibly delicious !! No matter how the dishes made by myself are unpalatable, I still feel good :D

This dishes is a Chinese dish named as cuttlefish & water convolvulus. Don't know how to translate to English, hehe. Here we go boiled the water convolvulus and cuttlefish after that you can add some salt or sesame oil as a flavor when boiling the water convolvulus. Then prepare a plate and scoop them up. Last add a teaspoon of fish sauce,peanuts and chili sauce mix together. We use chili sauce but the taste are good too and we don't have peanuts at that time.

And here is another dishes that made from my mum - Baked cheese rice. So here are the ingredient - mushroom, ham, onions and celery, pork and rice. The most important is CHEESE !! It is indispensable !! In addition, my mum got add some mushroom soup sauce and mix together with the ingredient except rice. The first layer is rice, second layer are those ingredient and the last layer is cheese. This dishes after you eat without feeling greasy. Finished the first plate you want another plate. Haha, I did not lie to you !! This is true !!

This is a normal dishes-Fried rice with eggs and pork sausage. Actually I don't know what is the sausage called in English. But I think this sausage doesn't sell in western country, a food from China if I not mistaken, HAHA!

Ermmm... I like this dishes very much. It called - Rojak, which mean a mixture of vegetable and fruits that can be found commonly in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Rojak in malay refer to mixture. There are different types of rojak - Fruit rojak, noodles rojak and so on. A fruit rojakconsist typically of cucumber, pineapple, benkoan, bean sprouts, deep fried tofu, taupok and youtiao. Sometimes raw mangoes and green apples are included in the dish. The ingredients are cut into bite size shapes and tossed in a bowl with the dressing and peanuts being mix together thoroughly. Another is noodles rojak, which is a plate of eggs noddles with shredded cucumber and bean sprout.

Fruit rojak.

Noodles rojak.
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