Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cold weather makes me depressed.

Before the class ended, a sudden pouring rain at an unexpected time. It started to rain cats and dogs, i do not have the habit of bringing an umbrella along with me,i had to walk to my car in the rain and came in looking like a drowned rat  ahaha, not that wet also. Way back home, radio was broadcasting a Korean song. I dunno what's the name of the song, it makes me melancholy although i dunno what the lyrics mean. I sensed a thrill of desolation in my heart, like i broke up with my boyfie, sadness and loneliness deep in my heart. Really got the feeling when listen to a sad song. I like putting myself in the place of the character and imaging how heartache feels. In love, i've no experienced in the past, so i really dont even know how the feels of the heartache is. I know it doesn't make any sense, i just like to feel their emotions. Does anyone else do that, too ? 

Got my test papers and left the only subject - PP. Doesn't put much expect on it, i know what marks i'd deserve it LOL. Pointer surely below than 2, and im sure involved in HALUS programme which set by the HM i guess ?  MYGAWD! Have to do correction x10, ahhh no hope no hope T^T

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